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March 9, 2007

Filed under: Family,In Progress — katy @ 1:35 pm

Little Miss Gracie is home with pneumonia.  As our pediatrician is pushing 80 and 30 minutes away without traffic, we tried a new one last week.  Overall, it was a very disappointing experience.  The worst of it when a nurse suggested to me Owen might be more comfortable out in the car.  Needless to say, we were back to my beloved Dr. A. on Tuesday and Little Miss has been home since.  Some antibiotics and a lot of rest and she appears to be on the mend.  Although, the coughing is still icky and she is bringing up blood.  I hate that she is so worried about the school work she is missing.

I have missed work this week (although I ran in for 2 hours on Wed. while she was napping).  Loads of new spring yarn has arrived.  I don’t typically love cotton but some of the new ones feel Kersti_rides_again quite nice.  I am plugging away on my neckdown cardi.  I would love to use every bit of yarn so I think I will hold off on casting the bottom off till I finish the sleeves and see if I can get a bit more length.  I love how the colors blend and the yarn is a dream.

A trainangle shawl picture should be forthcoming soon…I can’t get anyone to photograph it.  Stay well.