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The wrong side March 1, 2007

Filed under: In Progress — katy @ 8:31 am

What_am_i_doing_and_why Knitting has been not working out the way  I hoped lately.  St. Brigid had a mistake.  I tried dropping down but it was in the middle of one of the more complex cables.  I took it off the needle and ripped.  I need to tink back one more row to straighten it out.  Rather than rip more I picked up Gloria.  Sigh.  I am now officially giving up on Cashmerino.  I was considering picking up some Cascade 220 in a lovely brown but am also considering scrapping the idea altogether.  Some knitters said the sleeves made their arms look like sausages.  Do I need that?

In an effort to knit more stash yarn, I picked up an old project and ripped.  Anyone care to guess the yarn and/or project?  I bet Margene knows.  A hint…okay.  It’s DK.  And it is supposed to be getting 5:1" and I am getting 6.  Now, with blocking I could probably get 5 but it does seem a bit tight and maybe it will be less likely to pill.  Can you see that I have been scarred by Cashmerino?  Should I just go up to a 7?  I already ripped once and cast on with the 7 to loosen up.  Argh!