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New and exciting April 26, 2007

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Life has been crazy.  Perhaps it should be filed under the category TMI but I have gone off of Zoloft as of the time change.  I notice I am not as relaxed about things as I used to be.  Things tend to annoy me a bit more.  I have lost my patience with the kids more than I usually do (which is never).  It’s hard to explain but the smaller things are just making me a bit nuts.  Case in point, selling stuff on eBay for Granny–old magazines, etc.–I screwed up on packaging left and right, printing out the wrong postage.  I think I caught all of it but the feedback will tell.  I gave myself a stomach ache.  Granted, I had a wicked cold and PMS.  Someone shoplifted from Granny’s.  I wasn’t working that day but I am just so upset about it.  Cameron got a haircut this moring.  The usual place was closed so we tried a new place.  The last time we tried a new place, poor Cam looked like a weenie.  This time he looks like a bully.  I said "No crew cut."  Needless to say, he has a crew cut.  He looked like he was going to cry in the chair.  My little Adonis.  😉  A quick phone call to Dad in Philly turned things around with a "Carlos Beltran of the Mets has a crew cut too" conversation and all is well.  But I was ready to wrestle the barber to the ground and shave his head.

Knitting, I need to rip the sock it is just too loose on the 1’s.  Down to 0’s, I guess.  And I have beenSoapsocks  knitting Soap Socks as end of year gifts.  I don’t know why I followed the directions on the first one (in purple) and bound off on the right side.  Yuck.  The second looks better done on the inside.  I may knit washcloths too.  I haven’t decided.  I am still blown away by my decision to start them now rather then doing them last minute.  Admittedly, I bought the yarn in November to do as Christmas gifts.

In the very good and exciting news of the week…I had a parent training at Owen’s school on Tuesday and learned that a new program will be added to his book.  Reading to peers.  I am so proud of him.  The little bugger won’t talk but he will read aloud.  Mind you, these are very easy books but he is picking up on them really well.  We don’t believe it is just memorization as he can read the pages out of order as well and on ditto sheets.  Reading to peers (higher functioning 5 and 6 yr. olds) they hope will improve Owen’s articualtion and volume.  They say the kids act as natural prompts because they ask questions and what not.  I am very excited for him.  He does have a strength in being somewhat social.  He just hasn’t had much opportunity.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t deck the kids though.

Another blogger had asked who will pay for the Dynamite if Owen qualifies.  I am sorry I haven’t responded and the email is buried.  Luckily, it is the districts responsibility.  Interestingly, his PECS has been coming along as has his verbal requesting.  Go Owen!!

Gracie has a mock meet for swimming today.  It is perfect as Cam has very little homework and Owen has respite.  I am trying to look on the bright side, I hope you can too.

One last thing…oh cruddy, jumbly post.  I am missing the dinner dance at Owen’s school and it isn’t because of the nasty response to the shawl I knit.  Granny and I are going on a business trip


13 Responses to “New and exciting”

  1. margene Says:

    You sound more like the ‘real me’…all those little things add up and before you know it they’ve all boiled up into an explosion. Owen’s news sounds great! Have a fun trip!!

  2. Carole Says:

    Maybe you need to find ways of dealing with the stress when it happens so it doesn’t eat away at you. Knitting works, right? Hugs, Katy.

  3. Nancy Says:

    Someone I know is on anti-anxiety meds for a chronic disease she has and she told me that the only thing she noticed was that she was really able to keep her priorities in line. The little stuff simply didn’t bother her as much because she knew it would all work out in the end.

    You’ll be fine as you re-adjust. I like you a little bitchy anyway;)

    Sorry about Cam’s haircut but whoo hoo for Owen. It’s so cool that he gets to read aloud to his peers. I bet it will do wonders for his self esteem, and if he does deck a kid, well maybe they’ll deserve it;)

  4. Vicki Says:

    I didn’t find this post “cruddy” in any way — maybe a little “jumbly,” but hey, that’s life.

    I am so happy for the news about Owen!

    Have every bit of relaxing fun that you can while on your “business trip.”
    ; )

  5. marti Says:

    I am glad to read other posts that are a product of reality. I hope that Owen continues to thrive and grow, it is truly a testimony to you and your family. I wish that my daughter would stay on her zoloft, really makes her a nicer person to live with. Sigh. That wasn’t a comment on you and your zolft btw.

  6. Rosane Says:

    Yay for doing the soap socks/[potential washcloths early. This is *the* greatest advantage of being late: you can be early for the next time ’round.

    Bummer about the shoplifting. And the haircut. Yay about dad’s phone conversation.

    Yay for Owen! Period.

    Yay for the business trip.

    There you have it: the Yays outweight the Bummers; result: Great Post.

    P.S.: Thank you for your comment on my blog. 🙂

  7. Chris Says:

    I am not on meds, but have noticed I am getting a little bit cranky about small things too. I think it has a lot to do with too much media, tv, school requests, work, life and family issues. I seem to be pulled 5 ways at once and I do not deal with that well anymore. I just don’t have the energy! Also, it’s allergy season for me which means I am miserable without meds, but miserable in other ways with them! Take a moment for yourself woman. Yeah for business trips! We won’t be at TNNA this year, but I will be teaching at a local fiber fest instead. Yeah for fiber fests.

  8. Emma. Says:

    Yay Owen, indeed !
    I found this blog whilst trying to find cheaper insurance for Oliver’s Dynavox [6% of new cost ! Eek !]. This bloke is autistic and uses a speech aid :


    I haven’t had time to read much of it, but thought you might be interested.


  9. Loretta Says:

    Hi Katy –

    I have not left you a comment in many a moon, but I am glad to hear everyone is feeling better and enjoying the warmer weather. Enjoy the “business trip”.

  10. Angi Says:

    Yea Owen!

    Your business trip will be much more fun anyway.

  11. Orli Says:

    commenting in reverse:
    Wow a knitting buisiness trip, how exciting, sounds like lots of fun.
    Owen: That is such wonerful news. Way to go Owen!!!
    Cam: I know. I’m also quite crossed with the place I take Gil to, they are supposed to be for children and sure enough they have games, tv., etc…but, twice now I have asked them to NOT USE the electric shaver on the back of his head and twice they have ignored my request…until Gil starts to scream and kick do they realize they can’t use it. Gil has now lost his trust and does not want to have his hair cut…I’m going to have to find a different place even if it’s not for children…[sigh]
    you know…with out the Zoloft, you sould like me 😀
    I really like the soap socks. they are pretty. I’ll need to look it up to see how you use them.

  12. sUsAn Says:

    Thinking of you today, Katy.

  13. starfish Says:

    Just stopping by to say hi – glad all is going well with Owen!

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