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False start May 3, 2007

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Well, I had started a blog post but the laptop is having issues once again and won’t maintain a charge.  I guess Scooby knocked the plug out.  Scooby, he seems to be getting old all of a sudden.

Anyway, back to false starts.  I still haven’t ripped the sock.  In an attempt to use stash yarn, I started an Adult Surprise in the Diamusee yarn Kevin bought me a couple of years ago.  I was having some real difficult deciphering EZ’s notes from the 1981 issue of Spun-out.  A little googling and I discovered Knitters Fall 2000 has the pattern revisited.  I think it may be a bit easier to follow and my mom is planning to knit along beside me.  Unfortunately, the bag of 10 won’t be enough so I am hoping to find a coordinating color of Lamb’s Pride at Granny’s.  I think another 1-ply will look nice.

More false starts in the Hex Coat department.  While talking with Ann, it seems I knit my swatch and started my sleeve in seed stitch–not moss stitch.  The Pegster made the same mistake in her swatch.  At least we made our swatches in a pattern though…Ann did hers in plain stockinette.  Not that this is a contest or anything.  How in the world do three intelligent women make such mistakes?

I wanted to blog about NENA.  It was a good time except for Granny’s snoring.  What was especially cool was seeing Granny so well received.  She has been in the business for so long and knows everyone.  She hadn’t gone to NENA in a while so they were all so happy to see her.  Among the newer vendors, we really had quite a few giggles with Claudia of Claudia’s Handpainted and Carol of Farmhouse Yarns.   I did a little cash and carry with them.  I tried to do a bit of that with Colinette but since Granny doesn’t hold an account they refused to sell to me.  She did, however, open an account with Cherry Tree Hill.  What a lovely family to deal with.  One yarn I am dying to knit with…Sheep 3 Yarn by Sheep Shop Yarn.  Love it. 

I know there were many other things I wanted to say.  And I wanted to blog against disablism like Emma.  Where does the time go?  Pictures next time too.


4 Responses to “False start”

  1. Carole Says:

    It’s always good to hear from you, Katy.

  2. margene Says:

    There you are! It’s nice to hear you had a good time. Where does the time go? Sigh.

  3. Chris Says:

    Thanks for your voice of reason. You always know what to say.

    I love Claudia’s yarn! We are doing a wrap in it at the moment. Lovely pattern called As You Like It. It’s by a local lady who is just delightful. Just 350 yds and garter with some YOs thrown in. Quick and easy!

  4. ann Says:

    hey, hey! just you wait one minute. I DID do mine in a pattern. stockinette.

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