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Uncertainty May 9, 2007

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Life has been a bit insane this week.  Kevin’s company is in the process of trying to buy out their largest competitor.  It came up in conversation would Kevin be interested in a transfer abroad again.  Things may be a bit unstable due to redundancy across many positions.  A move like this could keep things very secure for him.  But there is just so much to consider.  And while Owen’s needs are hugely important–as is a roof over our heads–Gracie is quite fragile when it comes to these matters.  All Cameron had to hear was Legoland is nearby and he was sold.  Gracie was in tears–both scared and excited.  I am not even sure how real the possibility is…Kevin is out of town tonight.  My stomach is in knots with excitement and fear too. 

It could be very good for Cameron.  It might even be really good for Owen–they have some neat schools for autism in the UK.  But would he lose his place here?  His current placement can go on indefinitely–high school, job service and residence if need be.  Gracie has finally found her place though–we have bumped her around so many times.  So much to think about. 


12 Responses to “Uncertainty”

  1. Nancy J Says:

    I agree, much to think about;however, I’d go with the UK!

  2. Carole Says:

    That’s huge. I’m sure things will work out the way they are meant to, though.

  3. eusebius Says:

    Wow, you really do have a lot to think about. Hugs!! I will be thinking of you as you mull it all over and make your decision!

  4. Sara Says:

    That’s a lot to think about. Speaking as a former kid who was moved to a lot of different places and continents, perceptions of such varies a LOT depending on the specific kiddo. My brother adored the experience. I regret it – muchly. Parts were really good (in no small way I found my way to my present career based on past experiences – language and cultural learning and comfort in moving and all). Parts were awful for who I was – slow to make friends, feeling “rootless”, etc. I could go on. But – these decisions are complicated – and while my family made the moves primarily for the rationale of “what a fun adventure!” – there are lots of other factors going into it and I KNOW you’ll provide the stability your kids need – no matter where you reside physically.

    And besides, I always need more excuses to travel overseas 😉

  5. sarah b. Says:

    Wow, that is a lot to consider! Hope that as more information becomes available, the decision becomes easier for you!

  6. Vicki Says:

    My family moved around a lot, too. Every year, at least once a year (three times my kindergarten year, three different teachers, three different schools), until I was in third grade and then, for extra measure, a couple more times after that. I know that’s the exact reason why I set down roots right here for my kids and have spent 20 years letting them go down deep — and they… They’re going to school in CA, the U.K.; talking about moving to WA (or NC); the youngest has dreamt of living in South Africa for years…

    It’s all a balancing act and you can only give it your best — there may be regrets either way.

    I know it’s tough — tough, tough, TOUGH! I wish you clarity, dear Katy, as you all think this through and make your decision.

  7. margene Says:

    The uncertainty is harder than the knowing. No wonder you’re in knots. Big hugs…wish I was there with a cuppa tea and some knitting to just sit and listen.

  8. Orli Says:

    Yes, it a tough call.
    Children are very resilient and I can understand Gracie, she’s at the age were her friends are very important to her. Still, I think you should consider what is best for you to Survive and what’s best for Owen. After all, England isn’t a foreign country, they all speak English the kids could make more friends and it’s not forever and they can also stay in touch with their other friends via email, messenger…today it’s made easier with the online world.

  9. Nancy Says:

    Wow that’s a lot to think about. I’m a child who’s never left her borough so it’s hard for me to fathom such a thing. I have so many issues about change;)

    Still I know you’ll make the best decision for your familyu and I’m sure all will be fine.

    Of course the coin flips both ways from my perspective. I’d miss you horribly which is bad but I’d have a friend to visit in the UK which is good:D

  10. Heather Says:

    I know what you mean. I live in Smithtown & have a 2 1/2 yr old son w/ ASD. We have the opportunity to move back to CA or stay here where my husband’s family is & where we have lived for 3 yrs. So many things to think about when you have kids, especially ASD kids.

  11. Maribel Says:

    Whereever you go… we follow

  12. sUsAn Says:

    Thinking of you guys…

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