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The back July 3, 2007

Filed under: Family,Starmore — katy @ 4:15 pm

St_brigid The back of St. Brigid is finally finished.  Nearly 2 months shy of 2 years–but who is counting?  The first sleeve is moving along nicely although I am not sure how well I love the look of the cable increase.  The double seed stitch increases aren’t my best either but it was all just a bit awkward with the increasing.  And it’s under my arm so I am not stressing.  I think I will do 6 repeats rather than 5 as my arms are long.  I just finished my 3rd–so I am halfway there. 

As far as the other back issues…my doctor called yesterday with the MRI results.  The connection was horrible but I got the gist of it and I have a herniated lumbar disc.  That or something else may be compressing a nerve.  I see a physical therapist Monday and a neurosurgeon next Thursday.  No plans for surgery but she said it was better to have one familiar with my case.

The kids did fantastic on the drive down.  I missed my flight to Hilton Head due to airport issues in NY.  Thankfully I was able to get on the next available flight standby.  The weather has been spotty.  But the kids are enjoying the beach and pool.  Kevin and Cameron are going golfing tonight.  The girls will go another night.  I stopped by the LYS/used book store and didn’t find them to be as friendly as the last time.  But they were certainly a lot busier. 


10 Responses to “The back”

  1. margene Says:

    PT will help so much…if you have a good PT person. Have fun and enjoy your vacation. St. B looks fabulous!

  2. Nancy Says:

    St. Brigid looks fantastic!

    That sucks about your back. I hope the PT takes care of it for you. I would hate for you to have to have surgery.

    Glad to hear there is fun to be had on vacation. I am so looking forward to mine. Now to find the yarn shops in Virginia;)

  3. Chris Says:

    How could I have missed a LYS in Hilton Head?? Hope the rest of the trip is well.

  4. Vicki Says:

    Gawd, that’s a beautiful sweater. I think that every time I see one! I love that color, too, Katy.

    I should be doing preventive exercises to strenghten my abs/back… or I’ll soon be in your boat! I hope PT does the trick!

  5. Angi Says:

    St. Brigid id BEAUTIFUL! Who cares how long it takes? It’s not as if you have NOTHING else to do with your life. Feel better.

  6. Christy Says:

    The back looks beautiful!

  7. ann Says:

    fyi – I’m counting.

  8. Risa Says:

    St. Brigid is absolutely beautiful! Sorry about the back. I hope it heels quickly without too much fuss.

  9. Lorette Says:

    Girl, that really sucks about your back. Don’t let them talk you into surgery too soon, though.
    St. Brigid is just rolling along, and beautifully! I know the yarn shop you’re talking about. We went there when we were in HH, and I wasn’t impressed with their friendliness either. There’s another shop on the island, Needlepoint Junction, that has a tiny section of yarn, mostly lovely scarf yarns, and they are much friendlier.

  10. Orli Says:

    oh you are writing from vacation. cool.
    St. Brigid is very pretty. I can see why it would take 2 years, so intricate.
    My “Audrey” is reletivly easy, but it might take me 3 years to complete or more…[sigh]
    Sorry to hear about your back…maybe swimming could help ?

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