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So much for Owen’s Weasley sweater… July 20, 2007

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My friend Brian woke me up early this morning with a phone call from La Droguerie in Paris.  You see, I bought the yarn for the Weasley sweater two years ago.  Owen was 5 and I needed less yardage.  Fast forward to age 7 and I need another 100g.  Brian, BFF that he is, ran out to La Droguerie on his lunch hour to get it for me.  According to the lady at the shop it is finished, never to be made again.  C’est la vie. 

Poor_weasley Do I forge forward and hope for the best?  Do I dig out the knitty noddy and see how much yarn I really have?  Would I squeak by easier if I knit it in the round?  My mom thinks the nature of the yarn will cause it to bias.  Sigh.  Do I make an O into an R or a W–for a smaller child?  Or do I need a blue tweed vest?  Additionally, I don’t permit myself to buy more yarn in Paris unless I have knit a good chunk–meaning at least half–of what I bought the last visit.  I have been thwarted in my attempts–do I get a pass this October?  Wouldn’t I have purchased yarn if I went to Rhinebeck?

So many thoughts.  Poor Owen.  Speaking of Owen, he and I went to the developmental pediatrician yesterday.  This was Owen’s first visit and he did pretty well.  We haven’t been back to a neurologist or developmental pediatrician since he was diagnosed at 2.  Of course, we had to discuss the previous diagnostic process–Children’s Hospital Boston and New England Children’s Floating Hospital.  The Floating Hospital always gets me weird looks but amazingly enough–this new doctor had trained the developmental pediatrician we saw at Floating.  Small world.  Kevin and I were laughing, remembering that experience as Owen had spelled out SAVANT on her metal filing cabinets with her alphabet letters.  Pure coincidence but still amazing.

We were there to discuss ADHD but he had to say that Owen had a diagnosis of–and I jumped in there.  What would you say his diagnosis was.  The neurologist had said autism.  The developmental pediatrician thought PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified) as Owen was affectionate toward me.  I have always wondered since then what his actual diagnosis was.  And since this man had trained our other doctor–I thought it would be an interesting answer.  And it was.  He said Owen has autism.  According to the DMS-IV, Owen meets the criteria for autism and I know this.  But he said somethig about high functioning autism.  I think I went into a dreamy state then of possibilities and will need further clarification at our next visit.  IQ wise, Owen tests in the mentally retarded range and he wanted to know if I thought that was true.  One visit was not enough for him to determine–I don’t think–if Owen is MR but I said no.  And while I hadn’t brought in a copy of Owen’s IEP, he was disinclined to think so given Owen is learning to read and do math. 

Overall, it was a good visit.  Owen started an ADHD patch today.  I was so pleased I even got it on his hip–the recommended area of placement.  In Owen’s world, stickers belong on his hand.  I suppose I have gone on for a bit and Cameron has to get to baseball camp.  Exciting birthday plans this weekend and if I ever find my camera–some actual photos.


7 Responses to “So much for Owen’s Weasley sweater…”

  1. margene Says:

    Yay! for birthday plans! Make vest if Owen will wear it…it would look cute! You have so much to consider when it comes to Owen’s immediate future. It’s good that you have the right people to help.

  2. Kris Says:

    I’m so glad you had a positive visit with the developmental ped. I know those things can be stressful.

    My best friend had some of the same diagnostic issues with her son… was it classic autism or PDD (also known as Physician Didn’t Diagnose) and the confusion was likely over the fact that the little guy is also very affectionate. I think this lack of affection thing with autism can be an over-generalization. What do you think?

    Have lots of birthday fun this weekend!!!!

  3. marti Says:

    my dear friend has a son with autism, and the dx came as quite the surprise to me, since he had always been quite normal with my family… i continue to think good thoughts in your direction and for your quest for answers and solutions.

  4. Orli Says:

    WOW, they have so many definitions…I always was impressed because Owen displays love and also smiles…it’s because are one excellent Mummy!!!
    Anyway, as for Yarn…well here is a though…vest would be a good idea…or get a subsitute and maybe do stripes or color block. Search ebay…

  5. sprite Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kathleen!

    May it be a terrific one!

  6. margene Says:

    Honestly I thought tomorrow was your birthday. May it be full of happiness no matter the day! 😀

  7. Karen Says:

    Happy Birthday!

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