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August 14, 2007

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Guess what?  I won Jody’s contest!  I am so glad she has finally decided on the perfect yarn to knit St. Brigid.  Goodness knows she has gone through enough choices.  I fell in love with the color from the book–not especially original but I have wanted that sweater since I was in high school–and fought with my sister to no end over who my mother would knit it for.  I laugh now because I absolutely loved that fringe when I was in high school but my hips were much smaller than. 

As I pass the midpoint on the second sleeve and start considering the front–I can’t help but think of the next Aran sweater and the next.  I haven’t exactly made it to colorwork yet.  One venture on a hat is not quite enough to tackle a Fair Isle and do it justice.  So there is some serious consideration of the FLAK sweater.  I would like to make it a cardigan and plan to use Snow Goose Aran in the stash.  Although, I did have to supplement with some yarn at the shop.   

Cascade8686 Since I am using–at least in my head–my next worsted weight yarn.  I felt the need to replenish and in doing so lightened the load a bit for my friend Kris who is planning to move back across the country.  This is my second shopping exerience at Sonny and Shear and I am quite pleased with the service!  She carries a nice array of yarns.  My mom is anxious to try the Mama Llama sock yarn we ordered.  I ordered an old favorite–Cascade 220.  I love my Na Craga.  I love Vicki’s St. Brigid.  And I love Jody’s new St. Brigid too. 

I am not planning to go to Rhinebeck as I am going to Paris the first week of October but it would be nice to finish my St. Brigid before Rhinebeck.  Or before Paris.  If Jody can attain this wild goal–surely I could too.  I only have half a sleeve and a front.  Hmm….


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  1. Chris Says:

    You can do it. Just cut out all the unnecessary stuff like cooking, cleaning, child care, etc. Hum, the 3 C’s!

  2. margene Says:

    You can do it! And, if you don’t, there is always next year;-)

  3. Vicki Says:

    This is all I have to say: Great minds think alike.

    Oh, and also: You can do it (ditto Margene)!

  4. Nancy Says:

    Hey I have the crazy idea to finish Rogue before Rhinebeck, which as slow as I am is a foolish one. You are far closer to completion that I am.

    Of course I’d rather not discuss your Rhinebeck absence. I am definitely not going to have as much fun:(

  5. jody Says:

    i seem to recall something about if i finish my sweater you’ll have to come up to rhinebeck to see it. sound familiar? 😉

    ps – i owe you a reply to your email this morning. i just got home from work — i’ll reply tomorrow.

  6. Chris Says:

    That’s the 4-C’s, cleaning, cooking, child care, and Cat-napping! I have had 1 a day since they went back to school. But tomorrow will miss for knitting.

  7. Doris Says:

    I just had my first experience with Kris, and it was great. I bought something from her ebay auction…the fabulous Trekking #126! and I am delighted.

  8. marti Says:

    Why not duplicate stitch over the cable so that it looks like it is going the correct direction? I have similar issues with the Mac/PC issue, somedays it seems like a total culture shock to go back and forth between the two.
    I apologize if this comment is a duplicate, the first disappeared somewhere…

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