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August 23, 2007

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Dsc01735While the sleeve dilemma on St. Brigid is pondered, I have been plugging along on a couple of other projects.  The Superior yarn is an absolute delight to knit with.  However, the pattern I am using–not so much.  I have discovered a few errors but Takhi has only confirmed one.  There is no chart and I find reading the pattern to be murder.  Consequently, I picked up aDsc01736
sock.  Not just any sock–a huge, worsted weight sock in Knitaly for my brother’s 5oth birthday.  He is a former Navy Seal–a real tough guy who likes to hunt and fish.  It’s a quick knit but I am using up yarn pretty quickly.  I am not sure about the yarn amounts listed in Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.  Granny says she has more.

Gracie and I went to see Phantom of the Opera on Saturday.  It was very good and a wonderful day with Gracie.  However, the family behind us–older couple with a 4 or 5 year old–spoke, sang and ate during the show.  I was horrified.  Someone’s cell phone even went off towards the end and you could see the reaction on the actors face.  Horrible.

Owen’s last day is tomorrow.  We have his team meeting today.  I am a bit apprehensive about programming plans for Owen as they are planning more verbal imitation programs.  He hates VI programs.  There is nothing worse in his book then being asked to say "the" 20 times.  Sigh.  He is leaving off final consonants–as he always has and they want him to do better.  I understand there is a difference between bow and boat.  But in the context of a sentence like, "I swam to the boat," I think the listener can comprehend Owen’s meaning.  We shall see.  His Dyna went off the table and is in need of repair.  I am sure he is looking forward to his nearly two weeks off.


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  1. margene Says:

    Your brother will love the sock! It’s impossible to knit lace without a chart…good luck with it. It’s always good to hear from you and to catch up with your family.

  2. eusebius Says:

    The lace looks beautiful. I totally understand your frustration though. Never been able to get into lace for precisely that reason. the sock is awesome!

    Why don’t people understand how to behave at theatre productions? It seems like everyone acts just like they’re home watching TV. As a performer, it really annoys me.

    Good thoughts to you and Owen! Hope he enjoys his break.

  3. Kim Says:

    Oh man, how wonderful to see Phantom of the Opera, but what a drag to be near rude people. How on earth can people behave in such a way? But they do all the time, don’t they? Ugh.

    Best wishes for a good break for Owen, and the rest of your family!

  4. Mary Beth Says:

    Oh brother, I would have had a tough time with the rude theatre go-ers. Why do people think it is OK to ruin everyone else’s experience.

    So nice of you to knit for your bro. That reminds me, my bro’s 5oth is around the corner…

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