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Pictureless September 6, 2007

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Part of that is guilt.  I forgot to take a picture of Owen.  Everyone went back to school today.  It’s usually with mixed emotions–on my part–but I was a bit relieved today.  We put Owen on a new med this week for blood pressure to help with his hyperactivity.  I am not sure if behaviors increased but he did seem calmer.  It was almost eery.  He was also taking a nap every afternoon…poor thing.  Cameron and Grace both seemed glad to be going back and  I had a flat tire.  My dad came over and pumped it up.  Kevin is out of town and somehow life is never dull.  At least I have Kevin’s car.

I haven’t been knitting much.  I did rip the sleeve on St. Brigid and reknit a few rows to find I screwed up again.  I ripped and left it there.  I have been thinking I would like to knit a guernsey.  Need only mention the word to my mother and I have at least 10 books on guernseys.  A picture of the plenitude of books on the subject forthcoming.   


5 Responses to “Pictureless”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I didn’t take pictures of either of my kids. I’m evil, whatever…

    The school year is starting ok so far. Avery likes his new teachers and Ian’s teacher and his speech teacher can’t get over what a different kid he is. They say he talks all the time and participates in class and everything. Of course we’ve only had two half days, he’s not out yet today but that’s better than where we were even at the end of last year so I’m happy.

  2. eusebius Says:

    You are doing such awesome work with Owen. He is lucky to have you … and vice versa I know.

  3. Kim Says:

    I had to smile at the thought of your whispering “guernsey” to your mom, and POOF! There sit 10 books. Too funny.

    Congrats on getting the kids off for the first day of school. The years go by so quickly, don’t they?

  4. Hi there,
    Beth Brown-Renseil (sorry about the spelling) had/has a leaflet from Classic Elite that is a Guernsey, its done in the round, and quite lovely. It’s on my list of to-dos. You might want to call them to see if it is still available–might be a good idea for a class.


  5. Kris Says:

    Was that spironolactone? The BFF has her son on it and the change has been amazing. Absolutely amazing.

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