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Huh? October 15, 2007

Filed under: Blankets,Friends — katy @ 3:58 pm

More_throws_1 So I have decided that I want to knit a throw for my friends Brian and Joel.  I thought Berroco’s Peruvia would be a nice substitution for Manos and promptly emailed Brian this morning with requests for colors.  Here is his repsonse: 

We are very earthy-toned at the moment, bleached wood and dusty dirt
and powdery sand and early buds and new stems and young branches and late spring leaves; all faded and soft and cosy wool.

                                   Does that help at all?

I don’t know.  Do you think that helps?  Oh, and he only wants me to use three colors.


7 Responses to “Huh?”

  1. margene Says:

    It sounds a bit like the colors of the painted desert. 😉

  2. Collette Says:

    Okay, so how much am I procrastinating doing anything in my life? Here’s how much–I picked out 3 sets of colors…

    darker, more fall:
    aquamarina, dragon, avocado, naranja, chipotle

    prairie dog, naranja, avocado, maiz, marron

    marron, travertine, naranja, maiz, avocado

    And please, feel free to ignore all my comments. I obviously didn’t want to do the dishes! ;-p

  3. Collette Says:

    3 colors, huh? How dare he. Okay, you may have sensed a theme with the last one. Naranja and avocado look particularly well together I think and satisfy the earthy/springy request. Then, I’d go with either travertine or chipotle. I suppose one could go with maiz but that just feels too light.

    (HA! That’ll show him!!! He can’t fool me. Or make me do the dishes!)

  4. Risa Says:

    Oh yeah, I’d find that totally helpful. Not. Good luck with that! 🙂

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Actually, I think he’s begging for some of the new organic yarns – that descriptions almost describes the colourway in organic yarns to a T. Good luck.

  6. Nancy Says:

    It’s helpful, go for a darker hued brown, a lighter brown and a dark green.

  7. Orli Says:

    I’m too late to comment on this but I loved thier answer.

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