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Another lb lighter November 29, 2007

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Soar_thanksgiving_pagaent_016 Not the greatest of pictures but I tried.  Today I had my hair cut again for Locks of Love.  They got 11 inches off of one side and 12 off the other (I did some hair management this summer on my own).  I have been anxious to go short again–especially with the weight loss.  I don’t know.  I may have been trying to hide behind my hair…but not anymore!  I don’t think it was really a pound of hair though but who cares?  It feels good physically and emotionally.

I added some small knit stuff to my Ravelry page but it was mostly throw avoidance.  Kevin Soar_thanksgiving_pagaent_017 declared the Peruvia/Manos knock off throw too small.  I wasn’t sure what to do but a little gmail chat with my friend Marilyn and I have decided to add two more strips.  One would have made it a square and I wanted to keep it a rectangle.  Six will keep it a rectangle.  But I was emotionally ready to move on after three.  I have to finish this before Christmas because I would never ship it.  Knit more and gym less?  I don’t think so!

Poor Cameron is having 5 teeth pulled tomorrow.  This is his second round with the oral surgeon.  His mouth is just too small.  Kevin and I have a wedding this weekend–in CT–overnight.  Woohoo!

edited to add…I just googled Locks to get the link and some people saying they aren’t exactly what they claim.  Must research this more!  The salon mentioned another organization…has anyone heard anything like that?  I am going to look into Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths.


Finally November 19, 2007

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Finally posting.  Finally hit the 15lb mark (actually 15.5).  Finally finished the knitting on the Four Seasons Throw.  I am finding it very difficult to make time to blog.  I am updating Ravelry though.  Blog or knit.  I choose knit.  Blog or gym.  I choose gym.  Actually, I am loving going to the gym.  It didn’t take that long to get back into it.  I want to start swimming laps soon.  I can see some results though–not just on the scale and that is so reinforcing.

I am contemplating a V-neck pullover for Kevin in my head.  Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran tweed.  I brought it home to show Kevin for me and he said how about for him!  That Dale may not be done till 2009–I can’t blame him.  And in the back of my brain there is that little nagging voice…St. Brigid.  St. Brigid.  St. Brigid. 


Knitting on November 8, 2007

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Throw_for_brian_and_joel_009_2 The throw is coming along.  With my knitting friends over today, showing it off, I found a mistake in the second panel, first square.  I am now in the 3rd square.  It isn’t awful and I can live with it.  The yarn is a bit hairier than I expected given there is no mohair but it blocked and bloomed very nicely. 

Knitting was fun today.  My mom, Ann, Granny and Peg came over.  Granny kindly made Uncle Buzzy’s broccoli cheese soup and my mom made Tapioca.  I made the coffee and tea.  I think it was a good deal for me.  As always there were plenty of laughs. 

Tomte My tomte came yesterday.  I have been waiting for him since January.  I absolutely love him.  Owen wanted him in his bed.  Cameron, Kevin and Gracie thought I made it myself.  He makes me smile!  Isn’t he adorable?

Kevin is out of town and I suppose I ought to pick up Cameron.   


Thank you Patty! November 1, 2007

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Halloween_and_stuff2007_088 I want to thank Patty, my Knit One Tea Too swap angel, for the lovely package she (and Mary) put together!  There are some new teas to taste, yummy scones to make–with jam, of course.  I absolutely love the potholders.  Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe it is fate…but Patty was my swap partner and the one potholder is crocheted in the Katia Jamaica I sent her.  Mary made that fabulous tea cozy.  Honestly, I was blown away by Patty’s generosity.  And I can’t wait to knit up that sushi wallet she sent.  Perfect colors too.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Patty and Mary. 

And to the chick that flaked out–you should be ashamed of yourself.  I just don’t understand why people join these things if they aren’t going to follow through?  I would be mortified to receive something and not have sent something in return–the person should send what they received–at the very least–to the person they are flaking out on if they can’t do it themselves.


Halloween_and_stuff2007_103 I have to say I am a bit disappointed in my kids this year.   They were done by 6:30pm.  Cameron and Gracie went to one of her friends house and trick or treated in their neighborhood.  I assumed we could all go with Owen when they got home.  "My feet hurt" and "I’m tired" was all we got.  Owen went out on his own with Kevin and tried to go into everyone’s house.  Thank goodness he was a cat so we could pull him back with his tail.  Owen even requested the bathroom at one house.  We know them so they said yes before we could say no and his costume was off and he was gone.  Never dull.  But when we were kids we were like candy machines–out as late as we could…dropping off and going back for more.