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B…b…b! January 29, 2008

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Central_park_hoodie_007 Birthday boy!  8.  How did that happen?

Central_park_hoodie_003 Birds (by Cameron).  We have as many as 3 male and 4 female cardinals.  We truly enjoy watching the birds.

Christmas_pic_07_029 Bronx Girl!  And blogging in general has brought more to my life than I expected.  (Doesn’t it look like Owen is covering his ears?  Nancy was really good on vocals–don’t ask her to play drums though!)

Central_park_hoodie_023 Thinking ahead to the letter C.  I hope to have the Central Park Hoodie finished by next month.  I have finished the fronts and am nearly finished on the sleeves.  Grandma is working on the back.  Nothing like knitting together!


A is for Alaska January 15, 2008

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Christmas_pic_07_020 It is very difficult to post pictures of Alaska for the ABC Along when your scanner decides not to work.  This is the best I could do of photographing a photograph.  What a way to start! 

While autism seems like the logical choice for the letter A…I do talk quite a bit about that on my blog.  Alaska…not so much.  After college, not sure what direction I wanted to go in, I did a year of volunteering.  I found myself in Sitka, Alaska working at domestic violence shelter.  It was quite the experience to be surrounded by so much beauty and such sadness.  Sitka is an incredibly isolated town on Baranoff Island accessible only by boat or plane.  There were about 13 miles of paved road and 100 inches of rain a year.  The picture is from a retreat we had in Anchorage.  The weather is pretty mild in Sitka so I didn’t have much in the way of winter clothes.  In Sitka it was all about the rain pants and rubber boots.  The ladies who worked at the shelter outfitted me in this incredible jacket with wolf fur hood and Sorrels. 

My job was in education and outreach and direct service.  We had a 24 hour crisis hotline and a 12 bed shelter.  I did shelter shifts 2 days a week from 3-11pm, wrote the newsletter and gave presentations to the community and neighboring villages on personal safety.  Flying to those remote villages by float plane was an experience I will never forget.  Being the lone white woman in a Tlingit village talking to children and young adults about how to be safe…indescribable.  While I was a vegetarian there, I found it very rude to decline the local food.  I ate some interesting stuff…dried seaweed dipped in seal oil, whale blubber, herring eggs caught on hemlock branches with soy sauce.  I also ate the most delicious food ever–Halibut cheeks!  YUM!

I left the volunteer position a little bit early when my mom developed cancer the second time.  I was considering a "real" position at the shelter or another volunteer position in Bethel–the tundra.  All is well that ends well…Kevin and I solidified our relationship and a few months later I asked him to marry me.  Gracie and I visited Alaska when she was one but I haven’t been back.  I would like to volunteer again someday…perhaps when all of the kids are settled..

A little knitting…nearly finished with the left front of the Central Park Hoodie for Grace.


January 3, 2008

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I guess it has been a while.  I haven’t felt much like knitting.  I don’t know if that afghan killed my mojo.  I had a terrific get together with Christy and Jody–our yearly.  I haven’t quite figured out GPS and took the no toll road route.   A bit longer and more scenic drive though.  I received Owen’s augmentative communication device before the holiday and it was the wrong one.  The device given to me weighed over 7lbs and was meant for someone in a wheel chair.  His coordinator was going to give it a try with Owen but they called the district yesterday and told them it was impossible.  It’s a gorgeous machine–like a laptop…so I returned it to the district today and have my fingers crossed that they can swap it out for the correct device.

I have a stomach ache and Gracie drank all of the ginger ale.  The kids enjoyed Christmas.  Owen was delighted with his new iPod.  He’s got a couple of Disney movies on there and his music as well as a few TV shows.  Nancy suggested that and it has been a real lifesaver for going out to dinner!  Everyone is enjoying Rock Band! 

Christmas_pic_07_114 My mom gave Gracie a pair of mittens.  They really are lovely.  However, Gracie said (after my mother left) they felt like oven mitts

Christmas_pic_07_115   Off to the couch.