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January 3, 2008

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I guess it has been a while.  I haven’t felt much like knitting.  I don’t know if that afghan killed my mojo.  I had a terrific get together with Christy and Jody–our yearly.  I haven’t quite figured out GPS and took the no toll road route.   A bit longer and more scenic drive though.  I received Owen’s augmentative communication device before the holiday and it was the wrong one.  The device given to me weighed over 7lbs and was meant for someone in a wheel chair.  His coordinator was going to give it a try with Owen but they called the district yesterday and told them it was impossible.  It’s a gorgeous machine–like a laptop…so I returned it to the district today and have my fingers crossed that they can swap it out for the correct device.

I have a stomach ache and Gracie drank all of the ginger ale.  The kids enjoyed Christmas.  Owen was delighted with his new iPod.  He’s got a couple of Disney movies on there and his music as well as a few TV shows.  Nancy suggested that and it has been a real lifesaver for going out to dinner!  Everyone is enjoying Rock Band! 

Christmas_pic_07_114 My mom gave Gracie a pair of mittens.  They really are lovely.  However, Gracie said (after my mother left) they felt like oven mitts

Christmas_pic_07_115   Off to the couch.