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February 26, 2008

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Life has been absolutely crazy of late!  I guess it is pre-trip insanity. Doctor appts, hair appts, parent training…never dull!  The shower this weekend for Cara was a blast!  Best shower I have ever been to.  Ann is an amazing hostess–as always.  It’s always delightful to spend time with Nancy and Maribel.  What more could one ask for?  And Nancy brought carrot cake!  The only sad part–wait two sad parts–Norma and Sandy didn’t make it do to cursed weather.  And my cell phone fell out of my pocketbook and landed in a hot cup of tea.  It’s not the same…the front buttons are broken but it flips–so I can dial inside and the end button doesn’t work.  Anywhere–in or out.  $450 to replace it so I will make do! 

Colinette_and_kersti_cardi_007_2  I finished my (and by finished I mean did a loop and sewed a button) on my Koigu Kersti cardigan. (241)  The knitting was done ages ago and I was wearing it without a button but it is finally almost completely finished.  One last end to run.  What is my problem?  I use the excuse that it looks like I made it.  Sigh.

Work on the Colinette throw for my sister’s birthday progresses.  I may have itColinette_and_kersti_cardi_002  finished before I leave if I don’t continue to screw up the chevron.  I seem to have quite a bit of yarn left over in the mohairs.  I have to cut fringe but there isn’t enough of the other yarns to make it longer.  Still, it will definintely be ready before July–which is awesome because a pile of mohair in my lap over the summer would stink! 


Camonator February 20, 2008

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Dsc02549 Dsc02569 Cupcakes for Cameron!  It was his 10th birthday earlier this month.  Double digits…I can hardly believe it.  He very kindly chose his birthday place based on what he thought Owen might like.  The place had an indoor train ride.  The compassion and kindness Cameron and Gracie show never ceases to impress and amaze.  It took Owen quite a bit of time to warm up and find the courage to ride that train but we are seriously thinking of Disney this winter.   

Knitting on the Central Park Hoodie is finished.  It’s smaller than I would have liked–no buttons either.  Oh well.  It needs its final block and Gracie can’t wait to wear it for the all of two weeks it might fit.  Sigh.

I would love to post a cool cardio picture for C.  Instead I will just share that I am going to the gym 4-5 times a week and loving it.  Diet and exercise…I have lost just over 30lbs.  I think 40lb is my goal.  And then maintain.  A few people have asked how I am doing it.  As I said, 4-5 times at the gym.  I do weight lifting at least 2 days a week plus 30 minutes of cardio.  And 30 minutes of cardio the other days…always changing up the machines.  And abs.  Lots of abs.  I also bought some dumbells for home to work on arms and shoulders.  At night, when I brush my teeth, I do side bends or lunges.  I might be getting fanatical.

As far as diet goes, I have cut back on the carbs considerably.  I allow myself one healthy carb a day.  This is either a hollowed out whole wheat bagel with egg whites or oatmeal.  I eat protein bars for lunch or meat and salad.  Snacks are either vegetables or fruit.  But I don’t allow more than 2 fruits a day.  Dinner is meat and salad.  I have cut back on the cookies and drink a lot of water.  I definitely feel my hunger has decreased.  But if I do get hungry…I eat some turkey, a slice of cheese or vegetables.  I do not eat carrots, corn or peas.  They are high carb vegetables.  Better choices for me are celery and cucumbers.  Oh, I also eat a small amount of nuts.  My greatest weakness are Twizzlers so I will occasionally eat fruit snacks–like Shark Bites or something–it comes in a more manageable package and fills that need.

A very fabulous C is coming up next week…and I can’t believe I haven’t shared this with the blog sooner.  I tell you, though, it got me through the January doldrums!  Caribbean baby!  Kevin won the trip for work and we are going to Nevis March 2-8.  We are staying at the Four Seasons and I am looking forward to some cucumbers on my eyes by the poolside and Evian spritz!  Oh and time with Kevin too. 


A technique question February 10, 2008

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I just posted this on the Ravelry Central Park Hoodie KAL board…

I am knitting the smallest size for my daughter and it seems a bit
small. I thought I would make the button band wider. However, I don’t
really like all of that extra width on the hood. Couldn’t I just start
a new ball of yarn and knit the button band up to the hood and then
continue on the other side with the original ball of yarn  and then when it is wide enough cast off the
whole thing using one yarn? Am I crazy with this idea?

I swear I have done something similar to this on another project…just can’t think what. 


B+ February 8, 2008

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Owenbubblebath Bad boy bubble bath….

Looks like this wasn’t the first time…Owen_in_the_bath_003