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Productive days October 3, 2008

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myrtle leaf blocking

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Life seems to be getting away from me with me with all that is going on with the kids and school for me. Getting homework done is harder than I expected–especially when knitting temptations are strong. I started Starsky for Gracie in Galway Chunky. It is knitting up so quick that I am wanting to crank it out. Not good when there is a book to read by Tuesday.

Today my mom and I blocked the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. We used her blocking wires. I love them! No need for a million pins. We also made Apple Kuken–a request by Gracie. Yum!


Quiet July 16, 2008

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easy drop stitch

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It’s hard to believe things could get any quieter around here but they just might. Owen has had a difficult transition to his new school. The teacher has not been in since day one with no concrete return date. Behaviors are up at school and home…which is to be expected. But the aggression toward me hasn’t been seen in quite some time.

I knit the Araucania Ulmo scarf for Cameron’s teachers. I knit four but only managed to photograph one. Gracie’s chorus teacher has a scarf blocking on the bed…I guess I have to move that before I go to sleep. And my mom gave me a Wollemeise gift today. Must remember to take pictures.


Waiting for Gracie to email me a G April 29, 2008

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Cam_and_soar_pageant_015 In the meantime, direct your eyes to poor Cameron whose face slid across the ground…although he prefers to tell people he was mauled by a bear.  Thank goodness it is healing nicely but that scab is going to itch!Cam_and_soar_pageant_014

I guess it has been a while and there is a post saved in draft waiting on a teenager to send me a picture she can live with.  Although a Central Park Hoodie picture would have killed two birds with one stone.  Poor birds.  I have finished my sheep sweater.  Granny and I are planning to wear them to the NENA show. 


February 26, 2008

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Life has been absolutely crazy of late!  I guess it is pre-trip insanity. Doctor appts, hair appts, parent training…never dull!  The shower this weekend for Cara was a blast!  Best shower I have ever been to.  Ann is an amazing hostess–as always.  It’s always delightful to spend time with Nancy and Maribel.  What more could one ask for?  And Nancy brought carrot cake!  The only sad part–wait two sad parts–Norma and Sandy didn’t make it do to cursed weather.  And my cell phone fell out of my pocketbook and landed in a hot cup of tea.  It’s not the same…the front buttons are broken but it flips–so I can dial inside and the end button doesn’t work.  Anywhere–in or out.  $450 to replace it so I will make do! 

Colinette_and_kersti_cardi_007_2  I finished my (and by finished I mean did a loop and sewed a button) on my Koigu Kersti cardigan. (241)  The knitting was done ages ago and I was wearing it without a button but it is finally almost completely finished.  One last end to run.  What is my problem?  I use the excuse that it looks like I made it.  Sigh.

Work on the Colinette throw for my sister’s birthday progresses.  I may have itColinette_and_kersti_cardi_002  finished before I leave if I don’t continue to screw up the chevron.  I seem to have quite a bit of yarn left over in the mohairs.  I have to cut fringe but there isn’t enough of the other yarns to make it longer.  Still, it will definintely be ready before July–which is awesome because a pile of mohair in my lap over the summer would stink! 


It’s all good December 18, 2007

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Kevins_wedding_and_stuff_075 Victory dances all around!  The Four Season Afghan is finished!  I sewed the last end in over the weekend and had a very unsuccessful photo shoot with Kevin.  Final details:  Berroco Peruvia 14 skeins altogether (3 of 2 colors and 4 of the other 2) and a US 9.  Admittedly, I was finished with this project at the specified 3 strips but the overall opinion was it was too small for two men.  I added another 2 stripsKevins_wedding_and_stuff_078 and it is perfect.  I  continuously screwed up on the last strip as I was DONE but I kept plugging along and it was a happy day when I cast off.  Cameron loves it and asked for one of his own.  Sigh.  I can’t do it.

Teacher knitting was finished today too for Cameron.  A couple of super chunky hats, a pair of Fetching, a Scaruffle and a funky Tahki scarf.  Oh–a Pidge knockoff Kevins_wedding_and_stuff_088 too.  I completely forgot about the speech teacher.  And see, I forgot her again.  I just need to sew on the buttons and run the ends. 

Owen’s teachers aren’t getting handknits this year.  I just couldn’t do it and finish the afghan too.  And we just had the most wonderful news for Owen!  The district bought him a brand new augmentative communication device.   I am not exactly sure what model…I pick it up on Thursday.  In my excitement, I didn’t really pay attention to what I was told by his coordinator.   I was just thinking of all the amazing things I hope to hear Owen say!


October 12, 2007

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Dsc01918 I have to say it is good to back.  I barely knit a stitch the whole time…just finished the strap on Zoe’s dog sweater and put the buttons on.  It seemed there was no time–the plane was packed, the days full and the car rides too scenic to miss.  I also didn’t buy a scrap of yarn although I did come home with some lovely antique knitting needles.  My friends partner is always on the lookout for knitting or crochet items for me.  He offered me some ivory crochet hooks too but I didn’t take them as they seemed very fragile and I never check baggage. 

I didn’t post before I left as I was very stressed out.  My passport expires next month and my friend informed me that some countries don’t let you in–or out–with less than 3 to 6 months on your passport.  I had no clue and horror stories abound on the internet.  Needless to say I got there and back without a problem but I hated to tip the scales of fate.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Mont St. Michel.  When we lived in the UK, we visited St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall and the similarities have long been discussed by Brian and I.  Mont St. Michel is much larger and grander!  I was so surprised to see there was even a village on the island.  I was even more suprised and a bit disappointed that the land bridge no longer gets covered withDsc01903  water–so much "development" has changed that.  While the monastery was amazing the place transformed at night to something completely magical.  We saw so many shooting stars. 

The shops had little pictures of the island and sheep but I hadn’t seen any sheep until we left and Brian remembered that they are know for their lamb who gaze on the salty marsh.  Sadly, we missed the tides galloping in like a horse but we had to get back to Paris for an opening evening at the antique market.

Brian has many American friends and it is always fun to see them and catch up.  Plus it makes the conversation easier for me as my french is horrific and seems to be getting worse.  The market was amazing with so much history to explore and learn. 

Dsc01865 Brian’s house in the country has undegone so many renovations I could hardly believe it was the same place.  Goodness knows there is a lot more to do and I tell him he is lucky his parents are so active in Habitat for Humanity because they always put a lot of hard work into their visits.  We went for a long walk in the woods looking for mushrooms.  Thankfully we didn’t find many–my mom always told meDsc01859  to be careful of mushrooms.  And a woman who had been born in the house and lived there during the war came to visit with her brother and friends.  Lots of translating for me but it was a lovely visit.

Saturday we walked from one side of Paris to the other in search of a shirt and tie for Kevin.  Both Zoe and I were exhausted.  Although she hardly looked it in the photo from the cafe.  I was so exhausted that we skipped White Night in Paris where they keep the museums open at night.  Sunday was a quiet morning with Brian and off to lunch at the antique market with Joel.

Brian really outdid himself keeping me entertained–which was completely unnecessary as I am delighted just to spend time with him.  I can hardly believe it has been over 20 years since we met in our high school homeroom.  I think, next time, I really want to bring Gracie.  The rest of the photos are up on my flickr page.


First things first September 25, 2007

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Bass_for_cam Cam starts electric bass lessons today.  He is so excited.  He wanted to play an instrument at school but with all his challenges we said no and compromised with lessons at home on the guitar.  I can’t even tell you how cute he was last night when we walked into the Guitar Center and he oohed and ahhed and proclaimed the place "guitar heaven".  Honestly, we went there just to get strings for the My First Gibson he had bought last year with his Christmas and birthday money.  But when I started enquiring about the next step up…seeing Cam there, sitting on the stool with this huge guitar…we agreed on an early Christmas present.   

I leave for Paris in less than a week.  I have been working on a dog jacket for my friends FrenchEnd_of_sept_006  bulldog.  It is coming along pretty quickly with Encore DK.  It has a shawl collar–how cute is that?  Guess you really can’t tell due to the stinky picture.  Somewhere before there a tea cozy was knit for my swap pal.  The Kureyon Kozy was a quick End_of_sept_005 and fun knit.  I tried to get the stripes to match up but the knot in the ball didn’t make it any easier.  And St. Brigid seems to get very little attention these days.  No one mention my brother’s socks.  I lost the second one that was in progress.  No clue where it is.  Sigh.

Look what my mom knit up!  Will she give them to me when she is done?Dscf0073_2