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Huh? October 15, 2007

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More_throws_1 So I have decided that I want to knit a throw for my friends Brian and Joel.  I thought Berroco’s Peruvia would be a nice substitution for Manos and promptly emailed Brian this morning with requests for colors.  Here is his repsonse: 

We are very earthy-toned at the moment, bleached wood and dusty dirt
and powdery sand and early buds and new stems and young branches and late spring leaves; all faded and soft and cosy wool.

                                   Does that help at all?

I don’t know.  Do you think that helps?  Oh, and he only wants me to use three colors.


If I don’t stop starting I will never finish! July 31, 2007

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What is wrong with me?  I just keep starting things.  I am so close on the top down cardi.  Alright, I am annoyed that I was "technically" finished and had to lengthen the sleeves.  And I am down to the foot on the Neopolitan socks.  I think I have them as designated "waiting room" socks.

Ruffles_ridges_from_marilyn There was no reason Another_baby_blanket to start a baby blanket.  At least it is stash yarn!  Although, I did buy a few more to supplement.  It is really just an inbetweener project.  I also started a Ruffles & Ridges shawl in the yarn my friend Marilyn gave me.  The alpaca is lovely to work with.  I don’t think I have ever knit a ruffle before and an i-cord edging is new to me also.

The second sleeve of St. Brigid sits at row 2.  Sigh.  I also started a Clapotis for the shop.  I was using Plymouth Royal Bamboo for a simple tank top but wasn’t thrilled with it and saw on Ravelry that a few had used it–quite happily–on Clapotis. 

My brother is visiting this weekend with his wife and daughter.  Gracie adores her cousin–she’s in high school.  And we are planning to go see They Might Be Giants with the kids.  Owen’s never been to a concert or show.  Hopefully, with his new ADHD medicine, he can handle it.  We think we have seen an improvement.  Hurray!


Simply finished February 8, 2007

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Gartercable_baby_blankie_1 The cable baby blanket from Simply Baby is finished.  I used Filatura di Crosa’s 501  in a sweet baby yellow.  I have no clue how much yarn I used as I attempted to use stash yarn with a little bit extra I bought.  Which I proceeded to Closeup_for_soso lose–so I bought the 4 balls left.  And, of course, found the lost yarn the next week.  I think I have 4 balls left.  It will make some thing.  I love the color!

The funny thing about this blanket for me was it it’s simplicity made it a bit boring.  However, it was easy to pick up and put down because it was so simple.  All scrunched up it looked okay but a dunk and a block and it really bloomed.  And I was sad it was over.  I thought I was working toward a product–in truth, I think I enjoyed the process.  I highly recommend 501.  Many knitters say they don’t care for washable yarns–I think 501 may be an exception.

I have gotten back to the pulsewarmers and hope to finish two mates.  It’s funny to learn–again–why a project was put aside.  On one pulsewarmer I didn’t string enough beads.  I was about 60 short.  That’s a real pain because I don’t want to break the yarn.  On such fine needles, I hate to run an end unless I absolutely have to.  Last night I strung enough beads for the 2nd from the other side of the skein and will get back to the first after this is finished and feed the beads up the skein.  Never a dull knitting moment, right?  Another pulsewarmer was abandoned because the colors aren’t doing it for me.  I am using a cream colored yarn from Elann and it just looks dingy.

In other exciting news,  a new yarn shop is born! Sonny and Shear by Kris of the Knitting Wannabe .  I’ve placed my order–have you?