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That’s it. October 19, 2007

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Peruvia That’s it.  These are the colors and that is my final answer!  Of course I just posted an email to Brian asking if the colors are acceptable.  Truthfully, there has got to be nothing worse than working diligently on something and finding–or not finding out–the recipients hate the colors.  Crappy camera phone picture as I have no clue where the regular camera is.

In other exciting news, my mom and I are driving up to Rhinebeck on Sunday.  How could I possibly miss seeing Jody’s St. Brigid in person!  I had crazy ideas of trying to finish mine too.  Although Jody’s couple of months is far more impressive than my couple of years.  My new goal is the end of they year however I seem to have thwarted myself with an afghan or two.  Why?  And I am finally to the colorwork on Kevin’s Salt Lake City Dale of Norway.  Freaking 2002.  But the colorwork is done on a size 4 needle so it should move a bit quicker.  5 years quicker–probably not.

I kind of, sort of have a new sweater to wear for Rhinebeck.  The Kersti neckdown cardigan is finally finished.  I don’t know what motivated me to FINALLY lengthen the sleeves but it is done and on the blocking board.  Now to find a button of some sort.  That yarn is only from 2004.  I am seeing a definate decline in stash yarn though.  Woohoo!

Edited to add from Brian:

I love them, all four of them.

I cannot wait to lower the heat in the apartment because of the new