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I is for internet June 16, 2008

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The internet is an amazing place. So much information at our fingertips. I love it. Blogging has been sporadic–to say the least. I have been considering changing over to WordPress for some time. The intrepid Ann finally got me over the hump on uploading my old blog over. Thanks Ann.

So please update your bloglines to the new blog. Katyknits. Knitting pictures to come. I hope. A few teacher gifts have been knit. A Koigu blanket finished…just a bit longer than I hoped. And dreams of a stole for an October wedding…in black. From the stash. Barbara Walker books from my mother to be contemplated. School wrapping up. Sigh.


February 26, 2008

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Life has been absolutely crazy of late!  I guess it is pre-trip insanity. Doctor appts, hair appts, parent training…never dull!  The shower this weekend for Cara was a blast!  Best shower I have ever been to.  Ann is an amazing hostess–as always.  It’s always delightful to spend time with Nancy and Maribel.  What more could one ask for?  And Nancy brought carrot cake!  The only sad part–wait two sad parts–Norma and Sandy didn’t make it do to cursed weather.  And my cell phone fell out of my pocketbook and landed in a hot cup of tea.  It’s not the same…the front buttons are broken but it flips–so I can dial inside and the end button doesn’t work.  Anywhere–in or out.  $450 to replace it so I will make do! 

Colinette_and_kersti_cardi_007_2  I finished my (and by finished I mean did a loop and sewed a button) on my Koigu Kersti cardigan. (241)  The knitting was done ages ago and I was wearing it without a button but it is finally almost completely finished.  One last end to run.  What is my problem?  I use the excuse that it looks like I made it.  Sigh.

Work on the Colinette throw for my sister’s birthday progresses.  I may have itColinette_and_kersti_cardi_002  finished before I leave if I don’t continue to screw up the chevron.  I seem to have quite a bit of yarn left over in the mohairs.  I have to cut fringe but there isn’t enough of the other yarns to make it longer.  Still, it will definintely be ready before July–which is awesome because a pile of mohair in my lap over the summer would stink! 


B…b…b! January 29, 2008

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Central_park_hoodie_007 Birthday boy!  8.  How did that happen?

Central_park_hoodie_003 Birds (by Cameron).  We have as many as 3 male and 4 female cardinals.  We truly enjoy watching the birds.

Christmas_pic_07_029 Bronx Girl!  And blogging in general has brought more to my life than I expected.  (Doesn’t it look like Owen is covering his ears?  Nancy was really good on vocals–don’t ask her to play drums though!)

Central_park_hoodie_023 Thinking ahead to the letter C.  I hope to have the Central Park Hoodie finished by next month.  I have finished the fronts and am nearly finished on the sleeves.  Grandma is working on the back.  Nothing like knitting together!


Knitting on November 8, 2007

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Throw_for_brian_and_joel_009_2 The throw is coming along.  With my knitting friends over today, showing it off, I found a mistake in the second panel, first square.  I am now in the 3rd square.  It isn’t awful and I can live with it.  The yarn is a bit hairier than I expected given there is no mohair but it blocked and bloomed very nicely. 

Knitting was fun today.  My mom, Ann, Granny and Peg came over.  Granny kindly made Uncle Buzzy’s broccoli cheese soup and my mom made Tapioca.  I made the coffee and tea.  I think it was a good deal for me.  As always there were plenty of laughs. 

Tomte My tomte came yesterday.  I have been waiting for him since January.  I absolutely love him.  Owen wanted him in his bed.  Cameron, Kevin and Gracie thought I made it myself.  He makes me smile!  Isn’t he adorable?

Kevin is out of town and I suppose I ought to pick up Cameron.   


Huh? October 15, 2007

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More_throws_1 So I have decided that I want to knit a throw for my friends Brian and Joel.  I thought Berroco’s Peruvia would be a nice substitution for Manos and promptly emailed Brian this morning with requests for colors.  Here is his repsonse: 

We are very earthy-toned at the moment, bleached wood and dusty dirt
and powdery sand and early buds and new stems and young branches and late spring leaves; all faded and soft and cosy wool.

                                   Does that help at all?

I don’t know.  Do you think that helps?  Oh, and he only wants me to use three colors.


October 12, 2007

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Dsc01918 I have to say it is good to back.  I barely knit a stitch the whole time…just finished the strap on Zoe’s dog sweater and put the buttons on.  It seemed there was no time–the plane was packed, the days full and the car rides too scenic to miss.  I also didn’t buy a scrap of yarn although I did come home with some lovely antique knitting needles.  My friends partner is always on the lookout for knitting or crochet items for me.  He offered me some ivory crochet hooks too but I didn’t take them as they seemed very fragile and I never check baggage. 

I didn’t post before I left as I was very stressed out.  My passport expires next month and my friend informed me that some countries don’t let you in–or out–with less than 3 to 6 months on your passport.  I had no clue and horror stories abound on the internet.  Needless to say I got there and back without a problem but I hated to tip the scales of fate.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Mont St. Michel.  When we lived in the UK, we visited St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall and the similarities have long been discussed by Brian and I.  Mont St. Michel is much larger and grander!  I was so surprised to see there was even a village on the island.  I was even more suprised and a bit disappointed that the land bridge no longer gets covered withDsc01903  water–so much "development" has changed that.  While the monastery was amazing the place transformed at night to something completely magical.  We saw so many shooting stars. 

The shops had little pictures of the island and sheep but I hadn’t seen any sheep until we left and Brian remembered that they are know for their lamb who gaze on the salty marsh.  Sadly, we missed the tides galloping in like a horse but we had to get back to Paris for an opening evening at the antique market.

Brian has many American friends and it is always fun to see them and catch up.  Plus it makes the conversation easier for me as my french is horrific and seems to be getting worse.  The market was amazing with so much history to explore and learn. 

Dsc01865 Brian’s house in the country has undegone so many renovations I could hardly believe it was the same place.  Goodness knows there is a lot more to do and I tell him he is lucky his parents are so active in Habitat for Humanity because they always put a lot of hard work into their visits.  We went for a long walk in the woods looking for mushrooms.  Thankfully we didn’t find many–my mom always told meDsc01859  to be careful of mushrooms.  And a woman who had been born in the house and lived there during the war came to visit with her brother and friends.  Lots of translating for me but it was a lovely visit.

Saturday we walked from one side of Paris to the other in search of a shirt and tie for Kevin.  Both Zoe and I were exhausted.  Although she hardly looked it in the photo from the cafe.  I was so exhausted that we skipped White Night in Paris where they keep the museums open at night.  Sunday was a quiet morning with Brian and off to lunch at the antique market with Joel.

Brian really outdid himself keeping me entertained–which was completely unnecessary as I am delighted just to spend time with him.  I can hardly believe it has been over 20 years since we met in our high school homeroom.  I think, next time, I really want to bring Gracie.  The rest of the photos are up on my flickr page.


un peu October 9, 2007

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Dsc01871_2 A day in the country

Dsc01906_2 Overnight at Mont St. Michel

Dsc01908_2 Lunch in Honfleur

Dsc01912_3 Just browsing

Dsc01916_2 Mmmm….


First things first September 25, 2007

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Bass_for_cam Cam starts electric bass lessons today.  He is so excited.  He wanted to play an instrument at school but with all his challenges we said no and compromised with lessons at home on the guitar.  I can’t even tell you how cute he was last night when we walked into the Guitar Center and he oohed and ahhed and proclaimed the place "guitar heaven".  Honestly, we went there just to get strings for the My First Gibson he had bought last year with his Christmas and birthday money.  But when I started enquiring about the next step up…seeing Cam there, sitting on the stool with this huge guitar…we agreed on an early Christmas present.   

I leave for Paris in less than a week.  I have been working on a dog jacket for my friends FrenchEnd_of_sept_006  bulldog.  It is coming along pretty quickly with Encore DK.  It has a shawl collar–how cute is that?  Guess you really can’t tell due to the stinky picture.  Somewhere before there a tea cozy was knit for my swap pal.  The Kureyon Kozy was a quick End_of_sept_005 and fun knit.  I tried to get the stripes to match up but the knot in the ball didn’t make it any easier.  And St. Brigid seems to get very little attention these days.  No one mention my brother’s socks.  I lost the second one that was in progress.  No clue where it is.  Sigh.

Look what my mom knit up!  Will she give them to me when she is done?Dscf0073_2


this and that September 17, 2007

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Dsc01813 Knitting friends just left and I want to get a quickie blog post in as it has been a while.  I still haven’t gotten the hang of iPhoto so I am sharing a picture of Owen from this weekend’s family picture with Kevin’s family.  It was at the arboretum and a little overcast (also a bit rainy at times) but we pressed on.  It is very hard to take pictures with kids from 8 months to 13 but I think it turned out okay.  The one with the grandparents and kids was unique!  Owen was standing on an Adirondack chair behind my MIL and as the photographer snapped the picture, Owen jumped into the air.  He caught him airborne and it was typical Owen. 

Kevin golfed, I worked the sale at Granny’s and the kids went back to Grandma K’s.  Owen took a dip in the pond a few minutes after I got there.  Sigh.  He is a fabulous swimmer but I didn’t think he was nervy enough to go in.  His teacher got him out.  Love her. 

I haven’t been knitting too much.  I finished a tea cozy for my swap and have been plugging away on St. Brigid in little fits and starts.  Dreaming of a sweater for a french bulldog and not coming up with a decent size to fit the dog.  The kids will start rolling in any minute… 


August 14, 2007

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Guess what?  I won Jody’s contest!  I am so glad she has finally decided on the perfect yarn to knit St. Brigid.  Goodness knows she has gone through enough choices.  I fell in love with the color from the book–not especially original but I have wanted that sweater since I was in high school–and fought with my sister to no end over who my mother would knit it for.  I laugh now because I absolutely loved that fringe when I was in high school but my hips were much smaller than. 

As I pass the midpoint on the second sleeve and start considering the front–I can’t help but think of the next Aran sweater and the next.  I haven’t exactly made it to colorwork yet.  One venture on a hat is not quite enough to tackle a Fair Isle and do it justice.  So there is some serious consideration of the FLAK sweater.  I would like to make it a cardigan and plan to use Snow Goose Aran in the stash.  Although, I did have to supplement with some yarn at the shop.   

Cascade8686 Since I am using–at least in my head–my next worsted weight yarn.  I felt the need to replenish and in doing so lightened the load a bit for my friend Kris who is planning to move back across the country.  This is my second shopping exerience at Sonny and Shear and I am quite pleased with the service!  She carries a nice array of yarns.  My mom is anxious to try the Mama Llama sock yarn we ordered.  I ordered an old favorite–Cascade 220.  I love my Na Craga.  I love Vicki’s St. Brigid.  And I love Jody’s new St. Brigid too. 

I am not planning to go to Rhinebeck as I am going to Paris the first week of October but it would be nice to finish my St. Brigid before Rhinebeck.  Or before Paris.  If Jody can attain this wild goal–surely I could too.  I only have half a sleeve and a front.  Hmm….