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First things first September 25, 2007

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Bass_for_cam Cam starts electric bass lessons today.  He is so excited.  He wanted to play an instrument at school but with all his challenges we said no and compromised with lessons at home on the guitar.  I can’t even tell you how cute he was last night when we walked into the Guitar Center and he oohed and ahhed and proclaimed the place "guitar heaven".  Honestly, we went there just to get strings for the My First Gibson he had bought last year with his Christmas and birthday money.  But when I started enquiring about the next step up…seeing Cam there, sitting on the stool with this huge guitar…we agreed on an early Christmas present.   

I leave for Paris in less than a week.  I have been working on a dog jacket for my friends FrenchEnd_of_sept_006  bulldog.  It is coming along pretty quickly with Encore DK.  It has a shawl collar–how cute is that?  Guess you really can’t tell due to the stinky picture.  Somewhere before there a tea cozy was knit for my swap pal.  The Kureyon Kozy was a quick End_of_sept_005 and fun knit.  I tried to get the stripes to match up but the knot in the ball didn’t make it any easier.  And St. Brigid seems to get very little attention these days.  No one mention my brother’s socks.  I lost the second one that was in progress.  No clue where it is.  Sigh.

Look what my mom knit up!  Will she give them to me when she is done?Dscf0073_2


this and that September 17, 2007

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Dsc01813 Knitting friends just left and I want to get a quickie blog post in as it has been a while.  I still haven’t gotten the hang of iPhoto so I am sharing a picture of Owen from this weekend’s family picture with Kevin’s family.  It was at the arboretum and a little overcast (also a bit rainy at times) but we pressed on.  It is very hard to take pictures with kids from 8 months to 13 but I think it turned out okay.  The one with the grandparents and kids was unique!  Owen was standing on an Adirondack chair behind my MIL and as the photographer snapped the picture, Owen jumped into the air.  He caught him airborne and it was typical Owen. 

Kevin golfed, I worked the sale at Granny’s and the kids went back to Grandma K’s.  Owen took a dip in the pond a few minutes after I got there.  Sigh.  He is a fabulous swimmer but I didn’t think he was nervy enough to go in.  His teacher got him out.  Love her. 

I haven’t been knitting too much.  I finished a tea cozy for my swap and have been plugging away on St. Brigid in little fits and starts.  Dreaming of a sweater for a french bulldog and not coming up with a decent size to fit the dog.  The kids will start rolling in any minute… 


August 14, 2007

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Guess what?  I won Jody’s contest!  I am so glad she has finally decided on the perfect yarn to knit St. Brigid.  Goodness knows she has gone through enough choices.  I fell in love with the color from the book–not especially original but I have wanted that sweater since I was in high school–and fought with my sister to no end over who my mother would knit it for.  I laugh now because I absolutely loved that fringe when I was in high school but my hips were much smaller than. 

As I pass the midpoint on the second sleeve and start considering the front–I can’t help but think of the next Aran sweater and the next.  I haven’t exactly made it to colorwork yet.  One venture on a hat is not quite enough to tackle a Fair Isle and do it justice.  So there is some serious consideration of the FLAK sweater.  I would like to make it a cardigan and plan to use Snow Goose Aran in the stash.  Although, I did have to supplement with some yarn at the shop.   

Cascade8686 Since I am using–at least in my head–my next worsted weight yarn.  I felt the need to replenish and in doing so lightened the load a bit for my friend Kris who is planning to move back across the country.  This is my second shopping exerience at Sonny and Shear and I am quite pleased with the service!  She carries a nice array of yarns.  My mom is anxious to try the Mama Llama sock yarn we ordered.  I ordered an old favorite–Cascade 220.  I love my Na Craga.  I love Vicki’s St. Brigid.  And I love Jody’s new St. Brigid too. 

I am not planning to go to Rhinebeck as I am going to Paris the first week of October but it would be nice to finish my St. Brigid before Rhinebeck.  Or before Paris.  If Jody can attain this wild goal–surely I could too.  I only have half a sleeve and a front.  Hmm….


Even greater than my highest expectations! August 6, 2007

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The concert was fabulous.  Owen walked in like he owned the place.  He has this swagger and I see it when we do new things–like the first time we went to the movies–he has to lead the way and always looks like he’s been doing it forever.  We spread our blanket out on the ground and he plopped himself down and went digging into the picnic bag for his bagel and a juice box.  There were little autistic moments like everyone should be on the blanket–no limbs or objects hanging off.  And then–when a song came on that he really likes–he was up and dancing.  Cameron and Gracie enjoyed themselves as well.  My niece came too.  She is more familiar with their non-kid music but liked it anyway.  And Owen really liked her.  Cameron and Grace would have preferred seats but for our first concert experience–I think it was absolutely terrific!

Ruffles_and_ridges_and_slants Not much knitting going on.  Ann pointed out I was doing my decreases wrong on the Ruffles & Ridges shawl.  Sigh.  I always slipped knitwise until Ann, Peggy and Ricki were looking at a heel of a sock I knit. They liked the design and informed me most heel slips are purlwise.  So, I think I started slipping everything purlwiWinding_nightmarese.  Sure enough, this baby is supposed to be slipped knitwise.  I am not sure it is worth  ripping back on it.  My mom insists you can manipulate the stitches to look right.  I think I trust her. Aside from that I spent 4 hours winding the Cherry Tree Hill Merino laceweight.  That was a real drag.

On a side note…did anyone else notice that Alice Starmore is wearing St. Brigid in the Vogue Knitting interview photo! 


July 23, 2007

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Katy_birthday_006 My birthday extravagaza started yesterday with a fabulous party with family and friends.  Kevin very kindly cooked scrumptuous crabcakes and risotto for mKaty_birthday_009y mom, Granny, Marilyn (a friend/customer from the shop), Ricki, Ann and Nancy.  Rinaldo and the boys came too.  Happy Birthday Avery!  Nancy also brought my  favorite carrot cake–Lloyds!  There was even a phone call from Paris wishing a Bonne Anniversaire.

It was a relaxing afternoon of knitting, chatting and eating.  The kids got along well–young and old.  And when you invite knitters over for birthday celebrations–you get knitterly related gifts.  Knitterly_birthday_2 There was a hysterical gag gift from Granny as well.  She is a nut and never dull.  Gifts included Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace, notecards, a purse that will look divine in Paris, a signed Margaret Stove book, Shetland Wool from the Tomato Factory, a knitting figurine, hand painted alpaca, an emergency sock kit, candle, one Loskins sock, Seacoast Superwash sock wool, a handmade card, wine and an adorable birthday cake tape measure.

Tomorrow I turn 37 and I feel very blessed and fortunate to have a loving family, wonderful friends and much laughter. 


The countdown June 26, 2007

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Just a few days before we head off to Hilton Head.  I have done something to my back so Kevin has kindly booked me a flight and is driving the kids down without me.  I have some serious reservations about this as I am the voice of caffeine and stretching.  However, I am not so helpful on pain killers.  I go for an MRI tomorrow but I suppose it will be a bit before we get any answers.  I had backpain similar to this 11 years ago and with exercise I brought it under control–really building up those abs.  I haven’t seriously exercised since we moved back here and my weight is heavier than it ever has been before.  Sigh.  There is some work to be done once we figure things out.  I did try out a chiropractor.  This is something I have never done before.  I am still not sold but I know some people swear by them. 

Nancy’s birthday blogger fest was so much fun.  Ann drove us in style–Onslow, of course!  Miss Maribel–a cookarific caramel–made delicious food.  The company–Risa, Tisha, and Chante was wonderful.  Rinaldo was an absolute doll especially delivering carrot cake.  I brought a Lloyd’s Carrot Cake home for every holiday when I was in college.  YUM!

In other countdown news, I want to  have a birthday party too.  That was so much fun.  I just need to find my own Maribel! 

Trekking126_will_there_be_enough Geesh, nearly forgot my own knitting content.  One sock is finished and I started the other.  I don’t know if I have enough for the second.  The second picot didn’t go as smoothly as the first but it is good enough.  I still have to figure out what to bring down to Hilton Head.  I now have to consider what I can bring on the plane. 

I am sorry for any incoherent content….


Starting the year off right January 2, 2007

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Except I can’t find the camera. 

Christmas was wonderful and relaxing.  The kids got along beautifully.  Owen was a delight at home. Christy and Jody visited with my mom and I.  Last night, although we had takeout, we ate together as a family.  My first project of the new year started as a gift for the home teachers daughter but the colors aren’t really kid-friendly so it is a Dulaan hat.  Charity knitting.  That’s a good way to start, don’t you think?

A lot of bloggers have posted all they knit last year and what they hope to knit this year.  I am not that organized but would like to be this year.  A friend had sent a lovely journal and I plan to use it to keep track of my knitting.  I would also like to finish or, at least, work on some projects that have been in the pile for quite some time.

1.  Dale Salt Lake City 2000 for Kevin.  Considering this is now 2007–this project has been marinating for a loooong time.

2.  St. Brigid for me.  When did I start that KAL?

3.  A baby blanket for my SIL using 501.  I think the baby is due in 2 weeks.

4.  The sleeve on my leftover worsted Dulaan sweater.

5. 4 pulsewarmers–mates to 4 I have already knit.

6.  Shetland Triangle Shawl which is moving along nicely.

7.  The Birds Nest Shawl from Folk Shawls.

8.  While I haven’t wound the yarn…I have it in my head to knit a Colinette throw for my sister.  Again, stash yarn.  The Velvet Throw is #14.

9.  Brea pocketbook that I started for the shop a million years ago.

10.  Decide if I really want to knit this sweater in the color I have in the stash…  Gosh, I can’t even find a picture in my archives.  Such a bad blogger!

Well, I guess I will quit at 10.  Otherwise, I might start to feel guilty.  Kevin is in FL on business for the week.  Wednesday he finds out if he won another trip–Bahamas this time and he’s not too confident.  And I am taking Granny out to lunch for Christmas. 

                                                                  Happy New Year!