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Can someone tell me where the camera cord is…please? August 2, 2008

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Life has been crazy…all sorts going on. Owen’s teacher returned to school and we are starting to get back on track. My birthday came and went. I received a beautiful watch from Kevin–I will spare you the details of the drama that went along with the gift. Gracie and I are going to see Wicked on Sunday too. We are seeing the Police at Jones Beach on Monday. Friends are visiting from London on Tuesday for two weeks. A trip to Hilton Head was planned for the last two weeks of August but Gracie has mandatory swim practice–high school is taking some getting used to and she hasn’t even gotten there!

The Myrtle Leaf Shawl was growing at 10 repeats a week but the last 10 out of 40 are taking a bit longer. I was distracted by a sweater to knit for a fundraiser at Owen’s old school. However, I can’t find the other skeins of yarn. February Lady Sweater dreams dance in my head. Patons Ballybrae from the stash, some old but lovely deep green tweed from Nova Scotia from my mom’s stash (actually the Ballybrae is mom cast offs also) or a lovely new shade of Ultra Alpaca…Winter Squash. YUM!

I think part of the reason knitting has been so prolific was a knee issue. I haven’t been going to they gym. I have a tilted knee cap. Anyone ever have such a thing? Physical therapy is decreasing the discomfort and I should be good as new.


February 26, 2008

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Life has been absolutely crazy of late!  I guess it is pre-trip insanity. Doctor appts, hair appts, parent training…never dull!  The shower this weekend for Cara was a blast!  Best shower I have ever been to.  Ann is an amazing hostess–as always.  It’s always delightful to spend time with Nancy and Maribel.  What more could one ask for?  And Nancy brought carrot cake!  The only sad part–wait two sad parts–Norma and Sandy didn’t make it do to cursed weather.  And my cell phone fell out of my pocketbook and landed in a hot cup of tea.  It’s not the same…the front buttons are broken but it flips–so I can dial inside and the end button doesn’t work.  Anywhere–in or out.  $450 to replace it so I will make do! 

Colinette_and_kersti_cardi_007_2  I finished my (and by finished I mean did a loop and sewed a button) on my Koigu Kersti cardigan. (241)  The knitting was done ages ago and I was wearing it without a button but it is finally almost completely finished.  One last end to run.  What is my problem?  I use the excuse that it looks like I made it.  Sigh.

Work on the Colinette throw for my sister’s birthday progresses.  I may have itColinette_and_kersti_cardi_002  finished before I leave if I don’t continue to screw up the chevron.  I seem to have quite a bit of yarn left over in the mohairs.  I have to cut fringe but there isn’t enough of the other yarns to make it longer.  Still, it will definintely be ready before July–which is awesome because a pile of mohair in my lap over the summer would stink! 


B…b…b! January 29, 2008

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Central_park_hoodie_007 Birthday boy!  8.  How did that happen?

Central_park_hoodie_003 Birds (by Cameron).  We have as many as 3 male and 4 female cardinals.  We truly enjoy watching the birds.

Christmas_pic_07_029 Bronx Girl!  And blogging in general has brought more to my life than I expected.  (Doesn’t it look like Owen is covering his ears?  Nancy was really good on vocals–don’t ask her to play drums though!)

Central_park_hoodie_023 Thinking ahead to the letter C.  I hope to have the Central Park Hoodie finished by next month.  I have finished the fronts and am nearly finished on the sleeves.  Grandma is working on the back.  Nothing like knitting together!


Has it been over a week? December 10, 2007

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Really?  Why is time flying so quickly?  And why aren’t my needles keeping up?  I was uncertain what to do with the afghan/throw for my friend and asked in an email should I enlarge it by another 2 strips or just knit 2 throws as they sit on separate couches.  He said the smaller one would have been fine but since I have knit on just go with the 5×4 throw.  That works out to approximately 65×52".  I have opted against the crochet fringe as the shorter (would have been fringed side) is only 3 rows of garter.  Argh.  Why do I complicate things so?

Gracie wants the Central Park Hoody.  I took her on a stash tour but she was in the market for white.  WhSoar_thanksgiving_pagaent_011ite?  Is she nuts?  She reluctantly agreed to an off white/cream but I could seen the unhappiness in her face and asked her to just tell me her preferred color!  A worn sweater in new yarn is better than an unworn sweater knit from the stash!  Gray.  I have talked Grandma into knitting a back.  Thanks mom.  Another team effort.  Hurray.  I want to start Kevin’s sweater in the  Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran tweed.  I don’t believe the Salt Lake City Dale is getting finished very soon. 

Cameron survived his oral surgery.  Thanks for all of the well wishes.  His recovery was speedy as he wanted to go up to CT with us for the weekend.  We had a wedding and he wanted to stay with his cousin.  He was a real trooper!  And I can’t be photograped for anything…cheesy wedding shot with new do, fancy dress, and loads of make up by my sister.


This is very annoying.  This is centered while I am composing  it and not after I am finished.


Knitting on November 8, 2007

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Throw_for_brian_and_joel_009_2 The throw is coming along.  With my knitting friends over today, showing it off, I found a mistake in the second panel, first square.  I am now in the 3rd square.  It isn’t awful and I can live with it.  The yarn is a bit hairier than I expected given there is no mohair but it blocked and bloomed very nicely. 

Knitting was fun today.  My mom, Ann, Granny and Peg came over.  Granny kindly made Uncle Buzzy’s broccoli cheese soup and my mom made Tapioca.  I made the coffee and tea.  I think it was a good deal for me.  As always there were plenty of laughs. 

Tomte My tomte came yesterday.  I have been waiting for him since January.  I absolutely love him.  Owen wanted him in his bed.  Cameron, Kevin and Gracie thought I made it myself.  He makes me smile!  Isn’t he adorable?

Kevin is out of town and I suppose I ought to pick up Cameron.   


The Family Jewels August 30, 2007

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Dsc01739One of the reps at the shop came in wearing this beauty and it had to be mine!  Completely appropriate–it was the day after I discovered my BIG mistake on St. Brigid.  Cabling without a needle didn’t work so well for me on that sleeve so I thought a sterling silver cable needle hanging around my neck might help.  It’s lovely.  And heavy.  I was an indentured servant for several days but I was finally payed up at 11am on Saturday.  If anyone is interested in the necklace, let me know–I can send more pictures too.  They sell for $160 plus shipping.

Life has been a bit nutty with Owen home.  He has been very clingy and 12 hours of him hanging on me, requesting "tickle bombs" is draining.  He is actually at his teacher’s house now for a couple of hours, hanging out with her kids and going in the pool.  It’s a nice little break.  I feel absolutely awful about it as he has such a short vacation but when he isn’t requesting tickle bombs–he wants to go get a "donut".  We have to do something about that.  He only likes pink frosted sprinkle Dunkin Donuts.  I think he would alternate between everything bagel with butter and donuts if he could.

Knitting…not so much.  I finished the Neapolitan sock but it is hanging at Granny’s.  The worsted weight socks for my brother are a bit stalled.  I couldn’t get the toe decreases right.  I asked my mom to finish it for me–she is my brother’s mother–GASP!  She insists I conquer my dpn fears.  Honestly, I learned on dpns–I made Sunny’s Mittens with some handspun as my first real knitting project.  I just suck at them.

Oh yea…Owen’s meeting went well.  The coordinator doesn’t plan on doing 10 block trials of verbal imitation.  Hurray!!


Even greater than my highest expectations! August 6, 2007

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The concert was fabulous.  Owen walked in like he owned the place.  He has this swagger and I see it when we do new things–like the first time we went to the movies–he has to lead the way and always looks like he’s been doing it forever.  We spread our blanket out on the ground and he plopped himself down and went digging into the picnic bag for his bagel and a juice box.  There were little autistic moments like everyone should be on the blanket–no limbs or objects hanging off.  And then–when a song came on that he really likes–he was up and dancing.  Cameron and Gracie enjoyed themselves as well.  My niece came too.  She is more familiar with their non-kid music but liked it anyway.  And Owen really liked her.  Cameron and Grace would have preferred seats but for our first concert experience–I think it was absolutely terrific!

Ruffles_and_ridges_and_slants Not much knitting going on.  Ann pointed out I was doing my decreases wrong on the Ruffles & Ridges shawl.  Sigh.  I always slipped knitwise until Ann, Peggy and Ricki were looking at a heel of a sock I knit. They liked the design and informed me most heel slips are purlwise.  So, I think I started slipping everything purlwiWinding_nightmarese.  Sure enough, this baby is supposed to be slipped knitwise.  I am not sure it is worth  ripping back on it.  My mom insists you can manipulate the stitches to look right.  I think I trust her. Aside from that I spent 4 hours winding the Cherry Tree Hill Merino laceweight.  That was a real drag.

On a side note…did anyone else notice that Alice Starmore is wearing St. Brigid in the Vogue Knitting interview photo! 


So much for Owen’s Weasley sweater… July 20, 2007

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My friend Brian woke me up early this morning with a phone call from La Droguerie in Paris.  You see, I bought the yarn for the Weasley sweater two years ago.  Owen was 5 and I needed less yardage.  Fast forward to age 7 and I need another 100g.  Brian, BFF that he is, ran out to La Droguerie on his lunch hour to get it for me.  According to the lady at the shop it is finished, never to be made again.  C’est la vie. 

Poor_weasley Do I forge forward and hope for the best?  Do I dig out the knitty noddy and see how much yarn I really have?  Would I squeak by easier if I knit it in the round?  My mom thinks the nature of the yarn will cause it to bias.  Sigh.  Do I make an O into an R or a W–for a smaller child?  Or do I need a blue tweed vest?  Additionally, I don’t permit myself to buy more yarn in Paris unless I have knit a good chunk–meaning at least half–of what I bought the last visit.  I have been thwarted in my attempts–do I get a pass this October?  Wouldn’t I have purchased yarn if I went to Rhinebeck?

So many thoughts.  Poor Owen.  Speaking of Owen, he and I went to the developmental pediatrician yesterday.  This was Owen’s first visit and he did pretty well.  We haven’t been back to a neurologist or developmental pediatrician since he was diagnosed at 2.  Of course, we had to discuss the previous diagnostic process–Children’s Hospital Boston and New England Children’s Floating Hospital.  The Floating Hospital always gets me weird looks but amazingly enough–this new doctor had trained the developmental pediatrician we saw at Floating.  Small world.  Kevin and I were laughing, remembering that experience as Owen had spelled out SAVANT on her metal filing cabinets with her alphabet letters.  Pure coincidence but still amazing.

We were there to discuss ADHD but he had to say that Owen had a diagnosis of–and I jumped in there.  What would you say his diagnosis was.  The neurologist had said autism.  The developmental pediatrician thought PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified) as Owen was affectionate toward me.  I have always wondered since then what his actual diagnosis was.  And since this man had trained our other doctor–I thought it would be an interesting answer.  And it was.  He said Owen has autism.  According to the DMS-IV, Owen meets the criteria for autism and I know this.  But he said somethig about high functioning autism.  I think I went into a dreamy state then of possibilities and will need further clarification at our next visit.  IQ wise, Owen tests in the mentally retarded range and he wanted to know if I thought that was true.  One visit was not enough for him to determine–I don’t think–if Owen is MR but I said no.  And while I hadn’t brought in a copy of Owen’s IEP, he was disinclined to think so given Owen is learning to read and do math. 

Overall, it was a good visit.  Owen started an ADHD patch today.  I was so pleased I even got it on his hip–the recommended area of placement.  In Owen’s world, stickers belong on his hand.  I suppose I have gone on for a bit and Cameron has to get to baseball camp.  Exciting birthday plans this weekend and if I ever find my camera–some actual photos.


6 days later May 29, 2007

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Well, I didn’t expect that to take so long.  I think I was frustrated as I wrote a heartfelt yet balanced post without too much emotion.  Why don’t I save to draft more often?  I also realized this morning, as I lay in bed, I still haven’t posted a picture of the Shetland Triangle.  Bad blogger extraordinaire.

May_07_life_and_knits_022 I will start with the knitting, of which there has been very little.  I ripped my sock to just before the picot and reknit on 0’s.  Much better.  I also tried an Eye of Partridge heel which got lost in the striping but I think it is there.  I ripped back the sleeves on my Kersti cardigan and making them a tad longer for my monkey arms.  I finished a tank top in Berroco Zen at the shop and continue to work on a Karabella Gossamer stole.  Nearly every sentence in this paragraph starts with "I".  While I know it is my blog–even Cameron knows better. I am not rewriting it but I am going to save this draft right now.

In other realms, time has been pressed with the kids.  We had Cameron’s meeting and it went worse than we expected but perhaps there was some good in that too.  Once again, the school is recommending a self-contained placement in the fall.  They have planned a high functioning 12:1:1.  For those not familiar, 12 students, one special education teacher and one aide.  The disabilities are comprised of speech disorders, learning disabilities and autism.  3 of the kids have autism.  That is 1/4 of the class.  Cameron needs positive role models and this classroom will not offer that for him.  I brought up to the district that this was not the least restrictive environment and asked about the integrated.  I was told it was filled.  This is not a legal answer and I pointed out to them they had to offer him something less restrictive.  I think they tried to threaten me with an out of district placement but I said we would love to look into it.  We are waiting to hear back from them but I suppose they will try to stall us for as long as possible.  I am asking to visit these placements before the school year ends.

Now for the good results from this meeting.  I have gotten Cameron a private, independent evaluation.  The results are proving to be better than that which the school showed.  I attended a parent advocacy workshop and found I was not alone.  4 of the 12 parents in attendence were from my district.  The trainer wants to take on our case with the district.  I bought and borrowed a ton of books on advocacy and am changing how I handle our paperwork and interactions with the district.  Today I am touring a local Catholic School.  And, lastly, I am reading all I can on homeschooling. 

Owen’s coasting.  He has a new teaching assistant in his class.  Owen adores older men–"grandfather" is one of his favorite words.  And Gracie is awesome.  It looks like London is a no go.  And I have been gardening–not something I especially enjoy.   


May 8, 2007

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1.  Dale Salt Lake City 2002 for Kevin.  Considering this is now 2007–this project has been marinating for a loooong time.  I am nearly up to the patterning.

2.  St. Brigid for me.  When did I start that KAL?  I did a bit of work but need to tink a row to get restarted.

3.  A baby blanket for my SIL using 501.  I think the baby is due in 2 weeks.

4.  The sleeve on my leftover worsted Dulaan sweater.

5. 4 pulsewarmers–mates to 4 I have already knitOne and a half more pairs to go, I think.

6.  Shetland Triangle Shawl which is moving along nicelyGot to take a picture some day!

7.  The Birds Nest Shawl from Folk Shawls.  Not even sure I have looked at it.

8.  While I haven’t wound the yarn…I have it in my head to knit a Colinette throw for my sister.  Again, stash yarn.  The Velvet Throw is #14.  She says she wants it….must do it but not during the warm weather.

9.  Brea pocketbook that I started for the shop a million years ago.

10.  Decide if I really want to knit this sweater in the color I have in the stash…  Gosh, I can’t even find a picture in my archives.  Such a bad blogger!   Still undecided but leaning toward NO!

Progress has definately been made on this list.  I am somewhat uninspired my knits right now.  It’s like they are all being naughty and ganging up on me.  Rip sock, rip sleeves on Kersti cardi, cotton is hard on the hands.  I tried to use some old Fiesta La Boheme that I treated myself to for my 30th birthday.  I think it needs to go in the garbage can.  $60 worth of yarn that never found the right pattern and is now matted and gross. 

Srpt_009 Owen is waking up in the middle of the night and the wee hours of the morning.  Sleep deprivation is such torture.  Today I am working his school’s book fair else I would be back in bed after they all leave.  I think exhaustion makes everything look bleak.  And the Dell died again!  The warranty goes through September so I guess we will try to get it repaired again.  I think this is the 5th time.  Argh.