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January 3, 2008

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I guess it has been a while.  I haven’t felt much like knitting.  I don’t know if that afghan killed my mojo.  I had a terrific get together with Christy and Jody–our yearly.  I haven’t quite figured out GPS and took the no toll road route.   A bit longer and more scenic drive though.  I received Owen’s augmentative communication device before the holiday and it was the wrong one.  The device given to me weighed over 7lbs and was meant for someone in a wheel chair.  His coordinator was going to give it a try with Owen but they called the district yesterday and told them it was impossible.  It’s a gorgeous machine–like a laptop…so I returned it to the district today and have my fingers crossed that they can swap it out for the correct device.

I have a stomach ache and Gracie drank all of the ginger ale.  The kids enjoyed Christmas.  Owen was delighted with his new iPod.  He’s got a couple of Disney movies on there and his music as well as a few TV shows.  Nancy suggested that and it has been a real lifesaver for going out to dinner!  Everyone is enjoying Rock Band! 

Christmas_pic_07_114 My mom gave Gracie a pair of mittens.  They really are lovely.  However, Gracie said (after my mother left) they felt like oven mitts

Christmas_pic_07_115   Off to the couch.


July 23, 2007

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Katy_birthday_006 My birthday extravagaza started yesterday with a fabulous party with family and friends.  Kevin very kindly cooked scrumptuous crabcakes and risotto for mKaty_birthday_009y mom, Granny, Marilyn (a friend/customer from the shop), Ricki, Ann and Nancy.  Rinaldo and the boys came too.  Happy Birthday Avery!  Nancy also brought my  favorite carrot cake–Lloyds!  There was even a phone call from Paris wishing a Bonne Anniversaire.

It was a relaxing afternoon of knitting, chatting and eating.  The kids got along well–young and old.  And when you invite knitters over for birthday celebrations–you get knitterly related gifts.  Knitterly_birthday_2 There was a hysterical gag gift from Granny as well.  She is a nut and never dull.  Gifts included Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace, notecards, a purse that will look divine in Paris, a signed Margaret Stove book, Shetland Wool from the Tomato Factory, a knitting figurine, hand painted alpaca, an emergency sock kit, candle, one Loskins sock, Seacoast Superwash sock wool, a handmade card, wine and an adorable birthday cake tape measure.

Tomorrow I turn 37 and I feel very blessed and fortunate to have a loving family, wonderful friends and much laughter. 


The meeting February 15, 2007

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Sigh.  Not as well as we hoped.  The district is refusing to pay for Fast Forword as it is "scientifically unproven".  The research, they claim, has all been done by the company themselves.  Needless to say I got on the phone yesterday with the company and am collecting information from outside sources supporting the software.  I also found (on their website) information on grant funding for Fast Forword.  Perhaps I can push a little harder.  The resource room teacher thinks Cameron belongs in a self-contained setting and feels we have failed him by not putting him in sooner.  I really don’t think I agree.  While I am torn that this may not be the appropriate setting, the classroom we saw in the Fall was definately not.  I truly believe children with learning disabilities should be educated alongside their typically developing peers.  I am afraid that putting Cameron in a class of all learning disabled kids will do so much emotional damage that we will lose him in another direction. 

Now, Owen is in a self-contained setting–so it seems contradictory on my part.  However, I truly believe Owen could benefit from more integration with his typical peers too.  While Owen is not very communicative verbally–he is very social and playful and has a pretty good sense of humor.  These are strengths that should be fostered. 

Argh, sometimes I wish I had unlimited money to do what I want with my kids education.

I was going to add a knitting picture but…it’s not mine although a project is brewing.  Gloria, Colinette throw, Dale sweater…Instead, since this is a knitting blog.  Mittens by mom.

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