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That’s it. October 19, 2007

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Peruvia That’s it.  These are the colors and that is my final answer!  Of course I just posted an email to Brian asking if the colors are acceptable.  Truthfully, there has got to be nothing worse than working diligently on something and finding–or not finding out–the recipients hate the colors.  Crappy camera phone picture as I have no clue where the regular camera is.

In other exciting news, my mom and I are driving up to Rhinebeck on Sunday.  How could I possibly miss seeing Jody’s St. Brigid in person!  I had crazy ideas of trying to finish mine too.  Although Jody’s couple of months is far more impressive than my couple of years.  My new goal is the end of they year however I seem to have thwarted myself with an afghan or two.  Why?  And I am finally to the colorwork on Kevin’s Salt Lake City Dale of Norway.  Freaking 2002.  But the colorwork is done on a size 4 needle so it should move a bit quicker.  5 years quicker–probably not.

I kind of, sort of have a new sweater to wear for Rhinebeck.  The Kersti neckdown cardigan is finally finished.  I don’t know what motivated me to FINALLY lengthen the sleeves but it is done and on the blocking board.  Now to find a button of some sort.  That yarn is only from 2004.  I am seeing a definate decline in stash yarn though.  Woohoo!

Edited to add from Brian:

I love them, all four of them.

I cannot wait to lower the heat in the apartment because of the new


August 14, 2007

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Guess what?  I won Jody’s contest!  I am so glad she has finally decided on the perfect yarn to knit St. Brigid.  Goodness knows she has gone through enough choices.  I fell in love with the color from the book–not especially original but I have wanted that sweater since I was in high school–and fought with my sister to no end over who my mother would knit it for.  I laugh now because I absolutely loved that fringe when I was in high school but my hips were much smaller than. 

As I pass the midpoint on the second sleeve and start considering the front–I can’t help but think of the next Aran sweater and the next.  I haven’t exactly made it to colorwork yet.  One venture on a hat is not quite enough to tackle a Fair Isle and do it justice.  So there is some serious consideration of the FLAK sweater.  I would like to make it a cardigan and plan to use Snow Goose Aran in the stash.  Although, I did have to supplement with some yarn at the shop.   

Cascade8686 Since I am using–at least in my head–my next worsted weight yarn.  I felt the need to replenish and in doing so lightened the load a bit for my friend Kris who is planning to move back across the country.  This is my second shopping exerience at Sonny and Shear and I am quite pleased with the service!  She carries a nice array of yarns.  My mom is anxious to try the Mama Llama sock yarn we ordered.  I ordered an old favorite–Cascade 220.  I love my Na Craga.  I love Vicki’s St. Brigid.  And I love Jody’s new St. Brigid too. 

I am not planning to go to Rhinebeck as I am going to Paris the first week of October but it would be nice to finish my St. Brigid before Rhinebeck.  Or before Paris.  If Jody can attain this wild goal–surely I could too.  I only have half a sleeve and a front.  Hmm….


Even greater than my highest expectations! August 6, 2007

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The concert was fabulous.  Owen walked in like he owned the place.  He has this swagger and I see it when we do new things–like the first time we went to the movies–he has to lead the way and always looks like he’s been doing it forever.  We spread our blanket out on the ground and he plopped himself down and went digging into the picnic bag for his bagel and a juice box.  There were little autistic moments like everyone should be on the blanket–no limbs or objects hanging off.  And then–when a song came on that he really likes–he was up and dancing.  Cameron and Gracie enjoyed themselves as well.  My niece came too.  She is more familiar with their non-kid music but liked it anyway.  And Owen really liked her.  Cameron and Grace would have preferred seats but for our first concert experience–I think it was absolutely terrific!

Ruffles_and_ridges_and_slants Not much knitting going on.  Ann pointed out I was doing my decreases wrong on the Ruffles & Ridges shawl.  Sigh.  I always slipped knitwise until Ann, Peggy and Ricki were looking at a heel of a sock I knit. They liked the design and informed me most heel slips are purlwise.  So, I think I started slipping everything purlwiWinding_nightmarese.  Sure enough, this baby is supposed to be slipped knitwise.  I am not sure it is worth  ripping back on it.  My mom insists you can manipulate the stitches to look right.  I think I trust her. Aside from that I spent 4 hours winding the Cherry Tree Hill Merino laceweight.  That was a real drag.

On a side note…did anyone else notice that Alice Starmore is wearing St. Brigid in the Vogue Knitting interview photo! 


Warm weather and wooly knitting July 11, 2007

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St_brigid_sleeves Why is it I seem to enjoy knitting warm, wooly sweaters during the summer?  The sock has been untouched since the car ride home.  St. Brigid still draws my attention.  I am on my last repeat for the sleeve.  The pattern called for 5 but I decided to go for 6 as my arms are long and my row gauge was off a bit.  I also spaced the increases out a bit more in the last two repeats.  What next?  A front or sleeve?

Owen happily returned to school on Monday.  That was a blessing.  He cried when we got home Saturday night.  He obviously enjoyed his vacation.  The drive was long and by Delaware my back was hurting.  I started physical therapy on Monday and the PT doesn’t think it’s all that bad.  He gave me some exercise/stretches.  I see the surgeon tomorrow but don’t expect it will go anywhere near that direction unless things were to get considerably worse.  I am feeling much better.

I have been adding stuff to my Ravelry account.  I have one invite left.  Let me know if you are interested.


The back July 3, 2007

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St_brigid The back of St. Brigid is finally finished.  Nearly 2 months shy of 2 years–but who is counting?  The first sleeve is moving along nicely although I am not sure how well I love the look of the cable increase.  The double seed stitch increases aren’t my best either but it was all just a bit awkward with the increasing.  And it’s under my arm so I am not stressing.  I think I will do 6 repeats rather than 5 as my arms are long.  I just finished my 3rd–so I am halfway there. 

As far as the other back issues…my doctor called yesterday with the MRI results.  The connection was horrible but I got the gist of it and I have a herniated lumbar disc.  That or something else may be compressing a nerve.  I see a physical therapist Monday and a neurosurgeon next Thursday.  No plans for surgery but she said it was better to have one familiar with my case.

The kids did fantastic on the drive down.  I missed my flight to Hilton Head due to airport issues in NY.  Thankfully I was able to get on the next available flight standby.  The weather has been spotty.  But the kids are enjoying the beach and pool.  Kevin and Cameron are going golfing tonight.  The girls will go another night.  I stopped by the LYS/used book store and didn’t find them to be as friendly as the last time.  But they were certainly a lot busier. 


St. Brigid June 12, 2007

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St_brigid_is_moving I can’t get over how quickly St. Brigid is moving these days.  I am nearly finished with the 7th repeat with just one more to go for the back.  I estimated–given the amount it has taken me to get this far (wrote fart)–that it would take 6 months.  I may be finished with the back by the end of this week.  Granny suggested starting a sleeve but I might just start the front.  The pattern is pretty well set in my head.  I am not saying it is memorized but I only need to glance at the chart for reference.  And–the kicker–I am enjoying it. 

Half days start for Gracie tomorrow.  Teenagehood starts Thursday.  It is frightening how quickly she is growing up.  As her social life picks up, her grades seem to be dropping.  Other parents of teens and tweens–what is a reasonable amount of time to spend on the computer IMing?  I certainly set no good example of computer time.  Nor does Kevin with that darn Blackberry.

Parent training at Owen’s today.  Dynavox training tomorrow.  They said he showed a real interest in it at school.  We just need to get it programmed correctly for him.


February 23, 2007

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Two posts in one week.  What’s that about?

Well, I finished and blocked the Shetland Triangle shawl.  Why do I always want to type "trainangle"?  Could it be my train obsessed son?  Blocking didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped.  I was trying a technique new to me that I vaguely recalled reading on the Yarn Harlot’s blog with threading a line through the straight bits rather than using all of those pins.  Needless to say (wrote "needles" first–my dyslexia is raging on the keyboard), I had to spray and reblock the top.  Without the book and the first page of the photocopy, I kind of guessed on the blocking.  It’s a shawl afterall…perhaps my points aren’t pointy enough but I like it anyway.  Now, I just need someone to take a picture.

In a desperate attempt to knit on something else, I tore my room apart looking for the pattern for Gloria.  It must be at the shop.  I considered Lara but that is at the shop too.  I didn’t really want to start the Hex Coat without my friend Ann.  What to do?  St. Brigid.  Yup.  And I am using the cabling without a needle technique finally!  Thanks to Wendy’s video I can finally understand how to do it and I am very happy.  I cranked through another repeat and have 3 more to go on the front.  Then I think I will start a sleeve.  Shocking.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Cameron, Gracie and I are going to see Bridge to Terabithia.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it as it was one of my favorite books as a kid.  Heck, we even read it to Gracie in utero…but the reviews are good and the kids are delighted.

Oh yea…I have completed 5 of the 10 goals I listed for myself in January!