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Gracie going to the Senior Prom June 23, 2011

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P1000463 by katykev
P1000463, a photo by katykev on Flickr.

Gracie is off to the Senior Prom with her friend who is a boy. She looked so beautiful! I hope she has a wonderful time. I can’t believe she will be a senior next year and going away to college the following. She is such a great–I was going to say kid–person!


Knitting Camp July 21, 2009

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Camp 2 2009

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I guess it takes a few days at Knitting Camp to bring the blog back to life…but for how long? Life has been positively crazy since the last time I blogged in–ahem–November.

Knitting camp was awesome. Ann (Purlingswine), Ricki and I flew out to camp and had a fabulous, fun-filled and educational time! Vicki/Knitorious visited one day too!  I was excited to finally attend camp as a knitter, not just visit my mom as she camped. Although I hope she and I will attend together at some point!

Hopefully there is another, more informative post brewing. We did get a dog in November too. I have to share pictures of Shaggy. He’s the best!


Reunion weekend October 20, 2008

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Myrtle Leaf Shawl for reunion

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Well are you tired of seeing this darn shawl yet? I am not. I love it. The reunion was this weekend. It was a ton of fun although I stayed up too late and drank too much. I was in no position to deal with the catastrophe that struck poor Owen on Sunday (bitten in the back at his respite program). Kevin took him to the ER though and he is not taking the antibiotics they prescribed. So tonight it is my turn…off to the pediatrician for–hopefully–a shot.

It was great to see people. I was disappointed others didn’t come. Most especially I was sad Brian couldn’t make it from France and Maria from Rochester. Thankfully, I see them a couple of times a year anyway.

Interestingly, I spent a great deal of the night talking with a girl we were dreadfully mean to. She’s divorced with no kids–hard to see what we have in common–but her company was enjoyable. I am glad I got in shape and lost all that weight. The grand total (after eating absolutely nothing on Sunday due to hangover) is 40lbs.

The shawl gets its third wear next weekend–a wedding in Nantucket. Good mileage out of the dress and shoes too. Hurray.


Back to school September 6, 2008

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knitting at police/jones beach

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Back to school for all the kids…and me. Yes, I said me but more about that later. Gracie started high school and seems to like it. Of course, all of the teachers are “weird”. Highlights include gym 8th period, Honors English 9th and the swim team. Owen started back at his school. He had a rough summer with nearly 3 weeks off but had a good first day and not so good second day. Cameron began 5th grade and has his two best buds in his class! And Gracie’s old teacher who adored her.

Summer events included the Police concert at Jones Beach, visit from UK friends, a loong drive to Hilton Head where it rained a lot and a fab BBQ at Chez Swine. And I decided to go back to graduate school.

Today I enrolled as a non-matriculated student at the Palmer School of Library Science. I was planning to take the Intro class but was swayed to take an elective in Serving Diverse Populations. It’s an exciting opportunity to bring some of my life experience having a child with autism to the career I hope to have. I am both excited and scared. Knit on.


Wasn’t gonna blog without a picture but… March 20, 2008

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Aww…Scooby has his paw resting on the laptop and I was just moved to share.  A D post is brewing in my head.  Specifically "Daughters".  Being one and having one.  In other very exciting news, I toured Owen’s new school (he starts in July).  I was really quite delighted.  It is a genuine school building which is very exciting considering he has been in an office park for the past 5 years.  The very best news–besides the gym and adaptive PE teacher–is he will not require a 1:1 aide.  This has been one of my greatest concerns and cause for many sleepless nights.  Life cannot be 1:1 and I don’t want him dependent on an aide that way. 

Knitting.  I absolutely hate everything I am knitting right now.  I started a blanket on the trip for Kevin’s coworkers baby to be named "Caty".  Colors aren’t working.  Started a second one in Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton.  Not liking that one either.  Anyone have any suggestions for a summer baby blanket for a well-named baby? 

A little funny story…Gracie and I stopped by the stationary store of an ex-boyfriend today.  The very first boyfriend.  He gave her some sweet advice not to think your first boyfriend is THE love of our life.  Needless to say, Gracie has moved on to his best friend.  Just as I had moved on to his best friend in college.  Some things never change.


A technique question February 10, 2008

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I just posted this on the Ravelry Central Park Hoodie KAL board…

I am knitting the smallest size for my daughter and it seems a bit
small. I thought I would make the button band wider. However, I don’t
really like all of that extra width on the hood. Couldn’t I just start
a new ball of yarn and knit the button band up to the hood and then
continue on the other side with the original ball of yarn  and then when it is wide enough cast off the
whole thing using one yarn? Am I crazy with this idea?

I swear I have done something similar to this on another project…just can’t think what. 


Finally November 19, 2007

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Finally posting.  Finally hit the 15lb mark (actually 15.5).  Finally finished the knitting on the Four Seasons Throw.  I am finding it very difficult to make time to blog.  I am updating Ravelry though.  Blog or knit.  I choose knit.  Blog or gym.  I choose gym.  Actually, I am loving going to the gym.  It didn’t take that long to get back into it.  I want to start swimming laps soon.  I can see some results though–not just on the scale and that is so reinforcing.

I am contemplating a V-neck pullover for Kevin in my head.  Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran tweed.  I brought it home to show Kevin for me and he said how about for him!  That Dale may not be done till 2009–I can’t blame him.  And in the back of my brain there is that little nagging voice…St. Brigid.  St. Brigid.  St. Brigid.