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Waiting for Gracie to email me a G April 29, 2008

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Cam_and_soar_pageant_015 In the meantime, direct your eyes to poor Cameron whose face slid across the ground…although he prefers to tell people he was mauled by a bear.  Thank goodness it is healing nicely but that scab is going to itch!Cam_and_soar_pageant_014

I guess it has been a while and there is a post saved in draft waiting on a teenager to send me a picture she can live with.  Although a Central Park Hoodie picture would have killed two birds with one stone.  Poor birds.  I have finished my sheep sweater.  Granny and I are planning to wear them to the NENA show. 


The Family Jewels August 30, 2007

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Dsc01739One of the reps at the shop came in wearing this beauty and it had to be mine!  Completely appropriate–it was the day after I discovered my BIG mistake on St. Brigid.  Cabling without a needle didn’t work so well for me on that sleeve so I thought a sterling silver cable needle hanging around my neck might help.  It’s lovely.  And heavy.  I was an indentured servant for several days but I was finally payed up at 11am on Saturday.  If anyone is interested in the necklace, let me know–I can send more pictures too.  They sell for $160 plus shipping.

Life has been a bit nutty with Owen home.  He has been very clingy and 12 hours of him hanging on me, requesting "tickle bombs" is draining.  He is actually at his teacher’s house now for a couple of hours, hanging out with her kids and going in the pool.  It’s a nice little break.  I feel absolutely awful about it as he has such a short vacation but when he isn’t requesting tickle bombs–he wants to go get a "donut".  We have to do something about that.  He only likes pink frosted sprinkle Dunkin Donuts.  I think he would alternate between everything bagel with butter and donuts if he could.

Knitting…not so much.  I finished the Neapolitan sock but it is hanging at Granny’s.  The worsted weight socks for my brother are a bit stalled.  I couldn’t get the toe decreases right.  I asked my mom to finish it for me–she is my brother’s mother–GASP!  She insists I conquer my dpn fears.  Honestly, I learned on dpns–I made Sunny’s Mittens with some handspun as my first real knitting project.  I just suck at them.

Oh yea…Owen’s meeting went well.  The coordinator doesn’t plan on doing 10 block trials of verbal imitation.  Hurray!!


If I don’t stop starting I will never finish! July 31, 2007

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What is wrong with me?  I just keep starting things.  I am so close on the top down cardi.  Alright, I am annoyed that I was "technically" finished and had to lengthen the sleeves.  And I am down to the foot on the Neopolitan socks.  I think I have them as designated "waiting room" socks.

Ruffles_ridges_from_marilyn There was no reason Another_baby_blanket to start a baby blanket.  At least it is stash yarn!  Although, I did buy a few more to supplement.  It is really just an inbetweener project.  I also started a Ruffles & Ridges shawl in the yarn my friend Marilyn gave me.  The alpaca is lovely to work with.  I don’t think I have ever knit a ruffle before and an i-cord edging is new to me also.

The second sleeve of St. Brigid sits at row 2.  Sigh.  I also started a Clapotis for the shop.  I was using Plymouth Royal Bamboo for a simple tank top but wasn’t thrilled with it and saw on Ravelry that a few had used it–quite happily–on Clapotis. 

My brother is visiting this weekend with his wife and daughter.  Gracie adores her cousin–she’s in high school.  And we are planning to go see They Might Be Giants with the kids.  Owen’s never been to a concert or show.  Hopefully, with his new ADHD medicine, he can handle it.  We think we have seen an improvement.  Hurray!


6 days later May 29, 2007

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Well, I didn’t expect that to take so long.  I think I was frustrated as I wrote a heartfelt yet balanced post without too much emotion.  Why don’t I save to draft more often?  I also realized this morning, as I lay in bed, I still haven’t posted a picture of the Shetland Triangle.  Bad blogger extraordinaire.

May_07_life_and_knits_022 I will start with the knitting, of which there has been very little.  I ripped my sock to just before the picot and reknit on 0’s.  Much better.  I also tried an Eye of Partridge heel which got lost in the striping but I think it is there.  I ripped back the sleeves on my Kersti cardigan and making them a tad longer for my monkey arms.  I finished a tank top in Berroco Zen at the shop and continue to work on a Karabella Gossamer stole.  Nearly every sentence in this paragraph starts with "I".  While I know it is my blog–even Cameron knows better. I am not rewriting it but I am going to save this draft right now.

In other realms, time has been pressed with the kids.  We had Cameron’s meeting and it went worse than we expected but perhaps there was some good in that too.  Once again, the school is recommending a self-contained placement in the fall.  They have planned a high functioning 12:1:1.  For those not familiar, 12 students, one special education teacher and one aide.  The disabilities are comprised of speech disorders, learning disabilities and autism.  3 of the kids have autism.  That is 1/4 of the class.  Cameron needs positive role models and this classroom will not offer that for him.  I brought up to the district that this was not the least restrictive environment and asked about the integrated.  I was told it was filled.  This is not a legal answer and I pointed out to them they had to offer him something less restrictive.  I think they tried to threaten me with an out of district placement but I said we would love to look into it.  We are waiting to hear back from them but I suppose they will try to stall us for as long as possible.  I am asking to visit these placements before the school year ends.

Now for the good results from this meeting.  I have gotten Cameron a private, independent evaluation.  The results are proving to be better than that which the school showed.  I attended a parent advocacy workshop and found I was not alone.  4 of the 12 parents in attendence were from my district.  The trainer wants to take on our case with the district.  I bought and borrowed a ton of books on advocacy and am changing how I handle our paperwork and interactions with the district.  Today I am touring a local Catholic School.  And, lastly, I am reading all I can on homeschooling. 

Owen’s coasting.  He has a new teaching assistant in his class.  Owen adores older men–"grandfather" is one of his favorite words.  And Gracie is awesome.  It looks like London is a no go.  And I have been gardening–not something I especially enjoy.   


The strong arm of the law May 14, 2007

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Pink_handcuffs That would be me!  I caught the shoplifter on Saturday.  Granny had run out to True Value and her granddaughter was at St*rbucks.  I was all alone when a woman walked in with a very large purse–we are talking 2′ by 3′.  She went right to the back of the shop and was looking at all the yarn that had been stolen.  She has a thing for metallic novelties.  However, she kept staying out of my line of vision.  She even asked about the price of a bag of Takhi Star Granny had on the 50% off table.  I told her someone had shoplifted half the bag so she would have to ask Granny when she returned.

Up to the front of the store and she was hunched over…all very suspicous.  When Granny returned I wrote the secret word for shoplifter on a napkin.  And preceded to write the names of the yarns the lady was checking out–all the ones that had been lifted last time!  Granny was shaking her head NO at me.  At True Value, Granny had gotten hooks for the ceiling so we could hang models.  I climbed a step stool and peered over the table to see what the lady was doing.  She was putting yarn in her big bag.  We had just gotten in a new yarn on Friday.  There had been 10 that morning when I moved the display.  The lady put one on the counter–to buy–but where were the other two? 

I confronted her.  Perched atop my step stool I accused her of stealing.  She claimed the yarn was hers.  I told her one yarn we had just received on Friday and there was a whole box of 10 this morning.  So I told her to empty her bag or I was calling the police.  She said, "I’ll pay for it.  I’ll pay for it."  I said that was up to Granny–who was standing there like a deer in the headlights.  The lady had some cockeyed story about only having $100 and could Granny change it.  Granny said sure and the theif produced a $10.  Surely not enough for the amount of yarn she was trying to steal. 

I had seen her in the back of the shop touching another metallic yarn but I wasn’t sure how much we had so I called her on it.  She said she returned it to the shelf.  What the heck–she was already wrong.  I called her bluff and told Granny to call the police.  She pulled the ball out of her bag and claimed she left her $100 in the car and RAN!

It was very sad because the woman didn’t seem all there.  However, both Granny and her granddaughter recognized her, saying she had shopped there for many years.  Mostly, we attribute discrepancies in the inventory to our error.  I guess you assume there is some shoplifting but this was just horrible.  My heart was racing.  I hope she never comes back.


False start May 3, 2007

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Well, I had started a blog post but the laptop is having issues once again and won’t maintain a charge.  I guess Scooby knocked the plug out.  Scooby, he seems to be getting old all of a sudden.

Anyway, back to false starts.  I still haven’t ripped the sock.  In an attempt to use stash yarn, I started an Adult Surprise in the Diamusee yarn Kevin bought me a couple of years ago.  I was having some real difficult deciphering EZ’s notes from the 1981 issue of Spun-out.  A little googling and I discovered Knitters Fall 2000 has the pattern revisited.  I think it may be a bit easier to follow and my mom is planning to knit along beside me.  Unfortunately, the bag of 10 won’t be enough so I am hoping to find a coordinating color of Lamb’s Pride at Granny’s.  I think another 1-ply will look nice.

More false starts in the Hex Coat department.  While talking with Ann, it seems I knit my swatch and started my sleeve in seed stitch–not moss stitch.  The Pegster made the same mistake in her swatch.  At least we made our swatches in a pattern though…Ann did hers in plain stockinette.  Not that this is a contest or anything.  How in the world do three intelligent women make such mistakes?

I wanted to blog about NENA.  It was a good time except for Granny’s snoring.  What was especially cool was seeing Granny so well received.  She has been in the business for so long and knows everyone.  She hadn’t gone to NENA in a while so they were all so happy to see her.  Among the newer vendors, we really had quite a few giggles with Claudia of Claudia’s Handpainted and Carol of Farmhouse Yarns.   I did a little cash and carry with them.  I tried to do a bit of that with Colinette but since Granny doesn’t hold an account they refused to sell to me.  She did, however, open an account with Cherry Tree Hill.  What a lovely family to deal with.  One yarn I am dying to knit with…Sheep 3 Yarn by Sheep Shop Yarn.  Love it. 

I know there were many other things I wanted to say.  And I wanted to blog against disablism like Emma.  Where does the time go?  Pictures next time too.


New and exciting April 26, 2007

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Life has been crazy.  Perhaps it should be filed under the category TMI but I have gone off of Zoloft as of the time change.  I notice I am not as relaxed about things as I used to be.  Things tend to annoy me a bit more.  I have lost my patience with the kids more than I usually do (which is never).  It’s hard to explain but the smaller things are just making me a bit nuts.  Case in point, selling stuff on eBay for Granny–old magazines, etc.–I screwed up on packaging left and right, printing out the wrong postage.  I think I caught all of it but the feedback will tell.  I gave myself a stomach ache.  Granted, I had a wicked cold and PMS.  Someone shoplifted from Granny’s.  I wasn’t working that day but I am just so upset about it.  Cameron got a haircut this moring.  The usual place was closed so we tried a new place.  The last time we tried a new place, poor Cam looked like a weenie.  This time he looks like a bully.  I said "No crew cut."  Needless to say, he has a crew cut.  He looked like he was going to cry in the chair.  My little Adonis.  😉  A quick phone call to Dad in Philly turned things around with a "Carlos Beltran of the Mets has a crew cut too" conversation and all is well.  But I was ready to wrestle the barber to the ground and shave his head.

Knitting, I need to rip the sock it is just too loose on the 1’s.  Down to 0’s, I guess.  And I have beenSoapsocks  knitting Soap Socks as end of year gifts.  I don’t know why I followed the directions on the first one (in purple) and bound off on the right side.  Yuck.  The second looks better done on the inside.  I may knit washcloths too.  I haven’t decided.  I am still blown away by my decision to start them now rather then doing them last minute.  Admittedly, I bought the yarn in November to do as Christmas gifts.

In the very good and exciting news of the week…I had a parent training at Owen’s school on Tuesday and learned that a new program will be added to his book.  Reading to peers.  I am so proud of him.  The little bugger won’t talk but he will read aloud.  Mind you, these are very easy books but he is picking up on them really well.  We don’t believe it is just memorization as he can read the pages out of order as well and on ditto sheets.  Reading to peers (higher functioning 5 and 6 yr. olds) they hope will improve Owen’s articualtion and volume.  They say the kids act as natural prompts because they ask questions and what not.  I am very excited for him.  He does have a strength in being somewhat social.  He just hasn’t had much opportunity.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t deck the kids though.

Another blogger had asked who will pay for the Dynamite if Owen qualifies.  I am sorry I haven’t responded and the email is buried.  Luckily, it is the districts responsibility.  Interestingly, his PECS has been coming along as has his verbal requesting.  Go Owen!!

Gracie has a mock meet for swimming today.  It is perfect as Cam has very little homework and Owen has respite.  I am trying to look on the bright side, I hope you can too.

One last thing…oh cruddy, jumbly post.  I am missing the dinner dance at Owen’s school and it isn’t because of the nasty response to the shawl I knit.  Granny and I are going on a business trip