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Quiet July 16, 2008

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easy drop stitch

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It’s hard to believe things could get any quieter around here but they just might. Owen has had a difficult transition to his new school. The teacher has not been in since day one with no concrete return date. Behaviors are up at school and home…which is to be expected. But the aggression toward me hasn’t been seen in quite some time.

I knit the Araucania Ulmo scarf for Cameron’s teachers. I knit four but only managed to photograph one. Gracie’s chorus teacher has a scarf blocking on the bed…I guess I have to move that before I go to sleep. And my mom gave me a Wollemeise gift today. Must remember to take pictures.


Myrtle Leaf Shawl July 9, 2008

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Myrtle Leaf Shawl.

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I guess it has been a while. I did attempt a post but the computer froze up. I have started the Myrtle Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace today. I am using Misti Alpaca Lace from the stash. I have been desperately wanting a black shawl so this is try #2. The Baltic Sea Stole wasn’t looking all that nice in black. I do think the Myrtle Leaf Shawl looks lovely in black. However, I am not sure I care for knitted lace as well as lace knitting. Those unknit yarnovers look so unfinished. As I progress in the shawl…the look is growing on me. I am now on the 5th repeat of 40. I have considered scrapping it and going for the Large Rectangle with Center Diamond pattern but it looks dull.


I is for internet June 16, 2008

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wordpress blog new

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The internet is an amazing place. So much information at our fingertips. I love it. Blogging has been sporadic–to say the least. I have been considering changing over to WordPress for some time. The intrepid Ann finally got me over the hump on uploading my old blog over. Thanks Ann.

So please update your bloglines to the new blog. Katyknits. Knitting pictures to come. I hope. A few teacher gifts have been knit. A Koigu blanket finished…just a bit longer than I hoped. And dreams of a stole for an October wedding…in black. From the stash. Barbara Walker books from my mother to be contemplated. School wrapping up. Sigh.


G is for guitar and H is for Henry Hudson May 16, 2008

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Owen_and_the_disappearing_needles_0 Gracie is much too busy being a teenager to send me her preferred picture for blog fodder!  So onto a bit more enthusiastic participant!  Cameron, my guitar loving rocker.  Cameron started playing the bass guitar in the fall and bought an electric guitar by himself for his 10th birthday.  He is doing really well with it and truly enjoying it.  He rocks out on Rush, The Police, Santana, and Deep Purple.  Mind you–I have very little clue as to what these songs are but I am learning…Black Magic Woman, Smoke on the Water.  It is a lot of fun!

Henry_hudson H is for Henry Hudson.  Cameron did a book report on Henry Hudson and the 4th grade did a Living History Museum.  Cameron was incredible.  Despite his short term memory issues–he was fantastic.  He stayed in character the whole time and looked fabulous!  His teacher’s daughter, who is in Gracie’s grade, said Cameron was the best! 

There was another post saved for this that included details about Gracie anOwen_and_the_disappearing_needles_2d why I am not knitting or reading but my knitting mojo has returned.  I am knitting the  Chevron Lace baby blanket from Vogue Knitting on the Go in Koigu from the stash.  Oh how I love to use stash.  The color is just so gorgeous that it will be put in the hope chest for some future grandchild.  We took Cameron and their friends to go see My Chemical Romance at the Garden last Friday.  That was fun.  My favorite song is Teenagers.

Owen_and_the_disappearing_needles_3 In sad news, Owen has disposed of all of my straight knitting needles, several pieces of jewelry, money, beads and goodness knows what else.  Kevin took him to the dentist on Friday and forgot to make sure our bedroom door was locked while on the phone.  I thought Owen was dumping my stuff down a small hole around the air conditioning duct but after having several holes put in the walls, floors and step–all that was found was 6 cents.  I am especially sad as some of the needles were my Owen_and_the_disappearing_needles_4 grandmothers…Lantern Moon needles…and antique needles  from France.  The hole has since been closed up and boxed in but there are other random spots in Owen_and_the_disappearing_needles_5 the house…who knows what lies beneath.


Waiting for Gracie to email me a G April 29, 2008

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Cam_and_soar_pageant_015 In the meantime, direct your eyes to poor Cameron whose face slid across the ground…although he prefers to tell people he was mauled by a bear.  Thank goodness it is healing nicely but that scab is going to itch!Cam_and_soar_pageant_014

I guess it has been a while and there is a post saved in draft waiting on a teenager to send me a picture she can live with.  Although a Central Park Hoodie picture would have killed two birds with one stone.  Poor birds.  I have finished my sheep sweater.  Granny and I are planning to wear them to the NENA show. 


D, E and F April 1, 2008

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Can I squeeze 3 letters out of the trip?  Diet, Exercise and Fun!

Kevin_katy_nevis Miss_june Hold_on_tight_to_your_man I can’t find card or cord to upload any new pictures to the blog or ravelry.  My latest WIP can be seen at Purlingswine’s.

Thanks to the diet and exercise…I have lost over 30lbs and had tons of fun on the trip.  Please forgive the lameness of this post.  And Vicki, don’t kick me out of the ABC Along. 


Wasn’t gonna blog without a picture but… March 20, 2008

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Aww…Scooby has his paw resting on the laptop and I was just moved to share.  A D post is brewing in my head.  Specifically "Daughters".  Being one and having one.  In other very exciting news, I toured Owen’s new school (he starts in July).  I was really quite delighted.  It is a genuine school building which is very exciting considering he has been in an office park for the past 5 years.  The very best news–besides the gym and adaptive PE teacher–is he will not require a 1:1 aide.  This has been one of my greatest concerns and cause for many sleepless nights.  Life cannot be 1:1 and I don’t want him dependent on an aide that way. 

Knitting.  I absolutely hate everything I am knitting right now.  I started a blanket on the trip for Kevin’s coworkers baby to be named "Caty".  Colors aren’t working.  Started a second one in Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton.  Not liking that one either.  Anyone have any suggestions for a summer baby blanket for a well-named baby? 

A little funny story…Gracie and I stopped by the stationary store of an ex-boyfriend today.  The very first boyfriend.  He gave her some sweet advice not to think your first boyfriend is THE love of our life.  Needless to say, Gracie has moved on to his best friend.  Just as I had moved on to his best friend in college.  Some things never change.